Virtuix Omni... Xbox One, Halo and Gears Of War? Any Support For Microsoft Products?

Hello I am Stubborn Barren, first on these forums... I was just wondering if their is any support for Halo, and Gears Of War... as you have COD and Battlefield.


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    Currently PC only I'm afraid. No reason why XBOX ONE/PS4 can't support the Omni but it would need to be implemented by Microsoft or Sony respectively, both of which do seem to be trying to get into Virtual reality and I'd be surprised if they tried to release an omni directional treadmill first party in the first wave so its quite possible in the future.
  • Not wanting to do the old necrothread bit, but.... has anyone from Virtuix made any overtures to Sony or MS? Who knows either company might see the value behind an already prototyped device that they just have to supply some support to get drivers up and running on their respective consoles. That would expand the possible user base by quite a lot, and I think a lot of console players would be more then willing to drop 500 bucks on something like this.
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    There's been no official report of this, but clearly it's something everyone would like to happen. There are a couple of obvious prerequisites: a consumer HMD working on the consoles, and the consumer Omni successfully out in the wild! I'd speculate there's a good chance of this happening. I've bought a ton of FPS games on Steam that I wouldn't normally have purchased, just waiting for when I get my Omni. If that's a pattern seen in PC game sales (high attachment rate amongst Omni users), it would make sense for Sony and MS to add support for the Omni as a third-party peripheral.
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  • I'm also a surround user, yes I have too many toys, and I know that the website WSGF did a lot to promote both widescreen in it's earliest days and surround/eyefinity currently.
    Maybe if there was an organized lobbying effort of everyone getting an Omni we might be able to prompt a fact finding mission for either or both companies.
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