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First off I'd just like to say how exiting/promising the Omni looks. So here goes. It looks very exciting and promising.

Now onto important stuff. What about those games where you can jump, fly, float, swing, or fall for a length of time longer than your brain can comfortably cope with? An "easy" solution to this would be linear actuators attached to the outer support arms. Basically something to lift the player off the surface of the Omni for the time they weren't earthbound. I say "easy" because to do it well, the actuator should be able to handle a wide range of force with precise control and response time.

But just think. Prototype series. You jump off a building. The Omni lifts you up. You fall for a couple seconds. The Omni drops you as you hit the ground. A huge shockwave bursts from the epicenter of epicness that is you. In game you fell 200 feet. IRL it was 4 inches, but your brain has decided that doesn't matter.

Anyway, if not shipped with the first round of Omnis, it would at least be feasible to design it with linear actuators in mind. Maybe as one of those add-ons I keep hearing about from totally reliable sources. It'd be an easy API implementation too. At least as far as supporting devices goes. Either the actuators are there and they can be controlled, or they aren't so they can't. Heck, it could just be an API feature left to crazy DIY enthusiasts to tackle. *cough*me*cough*

Questions? Comments? Job Offers? :P

EDIT: This is not a post about whether or not you can jump on the Omni. It's an idea to augment jumps/flying/falling/floating.


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    Jumping would be cool. Can you do jumps and run? A video of that action would be cool.
    JUMP AND RUN Games in general could be very nice for VR.
    A little bit of inspiration:
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    Well, the harness that helps stabalize you might be able to incorporate spiral springs (similar to those found on a clothes pin) that allow the harness to lower and then pull the straps back up upon standing so as to keep them out of the way. However, this would kind of compromise the stabalizing factor of it...
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  • I think you're talking some serious hardware here. Think of a price possibly three times as much as the Omni is now. Not that it's not an excellent idea.
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    If it can support it, i hope to just hold myself up from the railing and land when I land in the game. Also a force feedback jacket would help feel like you've landed.
  • The force feedback would be most real on the araig :D
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    A rumble feature built into the shoes would be a cheap way to simulate the feel of heavy landing in-game. Since these are specialised shoes you have to wear anyway, there is an opportunity here for adoption. My concern is that it would put the price up a little, and that the rumble would interfere with or reduce the life-span of the tracking hardware, if that makes it into the final version. I would love to see it as a stretch goal: imagine you're in a game with flying - you touch down and there's a brief rumble under your feet - that would bring a smile to my face :D
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    thats a cool idea sutekiB.
    I see a problem anyway with jumping in a game because you headr stands still to the translateral movement you make.
    Perhaps one could add in future a jumping bungee support so that you can synchronize the movement ingame and in real life.
    Yes, and of course the tickling on your feet when you jump from the containership in Crysis. :D
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