How would I play games on Omni?

Hi sorry i'm new here and was looking about, but couldn't really find answers...

Basically I'm wanting to know how I'd actually play games..
like do you have to stream it to Omni or something??
also what games are compatible with Omni? like does it all have to be pc/xbox/pstation or does Omni have its own thing
and is there a list somewhere of all Omni compatible games somewhere?
as I cant really find anything anywhere about this, all ive seen really is about the actually product itself that looks really interesting.

Thanks inadvance


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    Anyone confer??
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    From the faq.

    Can the Omni be played with any game?

    Yes, the Omni can be used with any out-of-the-box PC game that uses keyboard or gamepad input (as long as the Oculus Rift or other head-mounted display is supported). The Omni works best with first-person perspective games where players can walk around and enjoy the environment (such as Skyrim or Minecraft) or first person shooters. An extensive collection of game demos is available on our website and YouTube channel.

    --> basicly it's like a game controler which tells the pc "go Forward" "go sideward"

    Does the Omni work with Xbox/ PlayStation, Samsung Gear VR, or other VR platforms?

    The Omni is compatible with PC and with Mobile VR devices via the Omni’s Bluetooth connection. In the future support for console VR gaming may be possible.

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