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I just read the "The Verge" review from the Omni at CES 2015.
Then, the sentence "to turn, you point your head towards where you want to go." made me realise that there was indeed an issue with walking direction.

So, as a plug-and play device, the Omni simulate key strokes... walking forward trigering the "walk forward " game action.
But, in games and demos using the Rift or other HMD, pressing the "walk forward " key make you go in the direction you are looking at ... right ?
So using the Omni will not change this fact... and whatever the direction you are running toward, your character will go in the direction you are looking at...

If I didn't miss a point, that should mean that having a look on your side while running forward makes you brutally "slide" on the side.
That must be really disrupting, immersion-breaking and possibly causing simulator sickness...

So, few questions for the Virtuix team / people that tried the Omni:
- Is the problem I depict real or did I miss a point ?
- If this is true, is it really bothering or do you adapt to it ? (avoiding to look on the side while moving, for example ?)
- This would be avoided by decoupling walking and looking directions. Did you do it in your demos ? Or is it a too complex modification of the game engine ?
- Will the walking and looking directions be decoupled in the games and demos specially made for the Omni ? (TRAVR ...)

I would be very thankful if the team could develop a bit on this topic.


  • For the CES demo we chose a "coupled" experience. Meaning the player follows where the HMD is pointed, in this case the Rift. Future demos may include a "decoupled" experience enabling the player to look in one direction while moving in another. There are a lot of challenges with running these sorts of demonstration in public, and we wanted to keep things pretty simple for the grand release of our latest version. Ultimately, game designers will have a choice whether they wish to have a coupled our decoupled experience for their games. We will be sure to share character controller examples for both.
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Ok, fair enough, thanks ! :)

    And concerning TRAVR ?
  • Half-life 2 and Quake 2 fan mod allows for de-coupled view.

    the issue currently is, what would be your mouse to allow you to turn/aim, in the future this will likely be a stem controller or stem pack joined onto a MAG II or dualshock4, and while controlling the game you would lock your arm to where your body is pointing to maintain what is happening on the screen.

    So right now it would not be very feasible.
  • I think there is some poor expectation management going on here. Jan and friends are claiming that they'll be able to decouple walking direction for April, that you'll be able to walk in one direction (as per the pods) and look in another. "Straffing" and "walking backwards". They said "magnetic interference" was why they could demo this at CES.

    If they are very super confident this would work, I'd like to see a long demo video of it, otherwise, they need to stop claiming this. I'll still buy one without this feature, but it worries me that if they say they're doing this but can't, what else might they fudge.
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    they said it's up to developers to add that, but of course they can separate the their feet tracking/walking direction from oculus tracker or STEM or any other tracker, they are independant tracking items.

    it was semi-proven with the videos that the omni can tell which way you are facing, otherwise when someone walked forward, then did a 180 degree turn, then walked forward, they would end up walking backwards, which is obviously not the case.
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    I have yet to experience any simulator sickness using the Omni, even with the prototype and DK1 combo. De-coupled viewing and walking vectors is an exciting prospect however, and I have every confidence that will become the new standard, enhancing the experience to an even higher level.
    @Jorgen there isn't really any reason to look around as you are moving in the training-ops demo I played (which is excellent btw). You tend to look in the direction you are moving, and stop when you need to aim at the targets.
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