How Tracking Works

I am just wondering how the tracking will work and provide a smooth movement for the whole body. I know that they have added sensors which will be on the shoes which will track speed and direction but how will the detect jumping and sitting and crouching? By the oculus somehow or something like that? Thanks.


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    Both feet translations and rotations are tracked by the PODs, so relative positions can be deduced.
    To my knowledge, absolute positions are not known, for there is no external tracker (needs confirmation)

    This means that direction, speed and jumping are detected from feet movements.

    With no other information, crouching and sitting cannot be detected.
    However, you can get information on head movement through the headset position tracker, if equipped.
    Or you can use another motion capture device, like the Stem Sixense, Control VR or Prio VR
    In the video demo, crouching an sitting were detected with a Kinnect...
  • @Jorgen - your description is accurate. At CES, we are demonstrating basic pod functionality. Each foot has a pod, tracking each foot's motion. The motion of both feet are combined to give a standard joystick output. With this output, we are able to convey the walking direction and speed. At CES, our focus is on demonstrating variable (analog) walking speed.

    Over the next few months, we will continue to refine the new tracking system to include direction and a few other motions, including jump, into the library. Crouch is difficult due to to the support structure the ring offers. It's a bit of a trade off I'm afraid.... The Omni provides a safe, stable platform to walk around inside VR. Stability and freedom of movement are sometimes at odds with each other.
  • I was under the impression that previously the omnis support ring would be able to track which direction your facing, sort of like the right analogue stick in a VR demo (hips only), and with that if you were to move your feet to the left of where the omni knew was forward (due to support ring tracking) it would then strafe, which makes sense.

    but now I take it the Pods are able to do this all entirely on their own, but does backpedalling and strafing work that well with the new POD design, in the CoD video with the new design I did not see him backpedal or strafe, I understand at CES you had your own special demo which did not have that ability in the software anyway, unfortunately this created some odd articals saying that only forward motion was working at CES, when in reality it was that game that had forward motion only working.

    but can packpedalling/strafing be done decently enough with the new design, it's just that when I see videos I find it hard to imagine the PODS knowing when I'm strafing over moving forward.

    does the software also toggle between Left shift being pressed when I run at a certain speed, and if so, is there an option to do a fix for games that have run as a toggle only and not a press and hold, also may I suggest if you don't have that you can use autohotkey to switch that functionality around.
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