Us army elite force gun ps3 controller and mag 2 controller

Hey guys first time on this forum =D. Just received my oculus rift dk2 and i also preordered the virtuix omni. Does anyone know what program they use to get these controllers working? I noticed they used the us army elite force gun in there videos while using the oculus rift and virtuix omni. I appreciate the replies =D


  • Hi, welcome to the forums.

    The gun they use in the videos is the Cabela Top Shot Elite XBOX 360 alongside a standard XBOX for PC adapter:

    From there I imagine they used a gamepad profiler like Xpadder or Pinnacle to translate the controller buttons to keystrokes. It is simpler than it sounds.
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    The fact is that (to my knowledge), the gun is never used to actually aim in these demos. The aiming part is managed by the VR headset (Oculus).
    So, if the Omni helps do decouple the viewing and walking directions, the aiming and viewing are still coupled: you shoot where you look.

    This means that the gun only function is the trigger, plus additional actions... that can be dealt with a normal controller, without the "gun" feeling.

    I do not know how much efforts would be needed to actually decouple viewing and aiming.... but I guess it's not an easy thing to do with an already existing game.
    I think this subject is more widely discussed in the Oculus community.

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    all the problem is the convergence of features availables.
    1) your game must be able to aim and look with different commands (usually aim with mouse, look with keyboard).
    2) depends if you play on big screen (looking essentially forward most of the time), so in that case you can use some cheap inertial mouse or wii stick with sensor bar.
    or use VR glasses (oculus). In that case you need a 360 deg sensor (relative inertial (will drift) or absolute magnetic better)) that even allows you to shoot behind you.
    the cabela can be useful because it contains few buttons and joystick to manage game commands (reloading, swapping weapons, jumping , crouching etc...) and all this wirelessly for cheap.
    additionally you can add on top of it (or inside) another sensor for aiming. The problem is software compatibility. some people purchased the STEM or Hydra solution that cames with sensor you can
    place freely, but this solution is expensive for just aiming..
    Note that the problem is the same for the oculus that has part of the tracking through the IR camera, so soon or later you will need to add a sensor for the head too (and the problem to match the oculus sensor).

    the ultimate solution is to purchase a VR suit (neuron or prioVR ) to get full tracking .
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    for instance i am in the same case as many, waiting for some guy launching a kick starter for a cheap gun (cabela mod ?) offering aiming (and eventually also head tracking)
  • Confirming previous comments - the gun is not used for aiming. It is just a simple XBOX 360 compatible game controller on which we use the trigger to fire and the pump action button for reload. Aiming with the weapon will require separate tracking which we know a few companies are currently working on. Hope to have more to share on that soon...

    Why did we use the gun and not the typical XBOX 360 controller? Hey... It feels good and looks way cooler ;)
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    since the omni has already two trackers for feet, is not possible to connect a third one for aiming ? or using one for the foot (the other foot being only symmetric, it is easy to interpolate where is the other foot) and one for tracking something else ?
    The foot trackers are described as IMU (inertial devices) , so it should be not very important where they are located or what they are used for, as long as the software can make a use of the data sent by the tracker.
    I mean many people will be disappointed to not have the gun available (since most of omni ads are showing it, and basically the omni is aimed for such games).
    Virtuix could do a big bang entering the market with full solution adding a simple device you could attach to anything (wrist, gun head, stick , saber etc...) that is tracked.
    joint venture with STEM ? (Stem is absolute magnetic tracking, not IMU, that is why it is a lot more expensive, but also better (no drift expected)).
    I mean i feel the virtuix is in the need of such aiming device as much it is dependent of VR goggle like oculus.
    Possibly we could start with a simple device that just allows to aim relative to the direction you are looking to (like an cheap chinese 3d mouse or a 15$ chinese copy wii stick), the people who really want to shoot 360, could upgrade to a more expensive model.
    There was aforum where a guy played with some sensor and the cabela's gun and the thing was demonstrated with the omni.

    I already played with all these devices (10$ 3D mouse (also IMU device) , wii remote, cabela gun, xbox controller, all this hardware is pretty easy and cheap to find on ebay) and it is pretty easy to control the mouse on screen. All the magic should come from the software, to properly
    match the cursor into the game.
    Even the cabela's gun is already coming with the camera (but i was unable to have it detected by my pc, while all other joystick and button's are ok)

    new kickstarter ?

  • There are a few other manufacturers that will most likely have gun peripherals avaialble by the time we start shipping. Expanding the the tracking system to incorporate additional tracked devices, appendages, etc. is something we are considering as well. But, we have to get the first part working great first ;)
  • I was looking at the Delta Six as it looked pretty awesome, but the new price tag is pretty ridiculous. I'm hoping another 'gun' comes around by the time I get my Omni that will be awesome and affordable. The STEM is looking like a great alternative too that would be more flexible as long as I don't mind not having a 'gun' to play FPS games specifically.
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    In any case, you can duck-tape a Stem cell to any low-quality videogame gun.

    Concerning the Delata-six, It is really made for playing on a screen, with the built-in motion controls and everything.
    I'm not sure it would mix well with a Rift and Omni...
    In any case, it does not include real 3D tracking, just motion captors.
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