Is there a video showing breakdown/assembly?

Seems like that should be a front page video, I figure just about everybody needs to know whether they will have room to store the thing. At any rate, getting it under my bed easily is a deal breaker for me. Help is appreciated.

If there's no video, maybe someone can specify whether the giant things that the arms slide up and down in are attached to the base, or if they also come off? That will make a big difference as far as where it will fit when fully broken down.

Thanks, all.


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    Hi @jmscwss‌, no assembly video yet that I know of, but you'll likely see one under 'Instructional videos' on the website at some point. The Omni breaks down for storage, including the strut bases you referred to.
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  • there's still the problem of sliding the unit under the place in which you plan to store the unit.

    are small caster wheels still not being made to make it so a single person can move the omni base along the floor.
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    I'm not aware of any plans to add caster wheels, but you might be able to use a trolley like this:


    Some have poor reviews due to breakages, but the Omni base is lighter than the fridges and washing machines they're normally used for.
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  • Sliding is a challenge because the bottom of the unit is rubberized, I take it? If there's room for the trolley shown above, then a simple pool noodle would do the trick, I'd think. At any rate, seems like I should have room for it. Now just need to make sure there's room for it in the budget, and hopefully I'll be able to place my pre-order before price goes up another $200 :-/

    Don't have DK2, holding out for CV1. But I figure with the tray, I can at least turn my Guild Wars 2 play-time into mild exercise time by running instead of pressing W to go forward. Thanks for the help guys.
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