Omni Game Compatibility

Does anyone know if Virtuix plans on supporting popular fps games and other genres in the future? I know there are prototypes for games like battlefield and cod already.


  • molstermolster Posts: 23
    edited February 2015
    the Omni can be used with any out-of-the-box PC game that uses keyboard or gamepad input (as long as the Oculus Rift or other head-mounted display is supported). The Omni works best with first-person perspective games where players can walk around and enjoy the environment (such as Skyrim or Minecraft) or first person shooters. An extensive collection of game demos is available on our website and YouTube channel.

    So tl;dr it can work with any WASD game pretty much. You are just using it as a gamepad.
  • Yes - two of our demos (that will come with the Omni) use an FPS character controller. The Omni works very well for this genre. Any game that accepts gamepad input and either has a VR mode or is supported by a program such as VorpX should work fine.
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