You have to have a strap on shoe this is why..

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I am a Kickstarter on the Omni and got in pretty early, and I am happy to buy the shoes to have something comfortable to strap onto my feet.

However here is the main thing that could potentially lose countless amounts of customers. When I get my Omni I want to show it to people and I want them to try it, I want them to have fun with it and enjoy it. I do not want to be a hermit in my basement I want to be your salesman.. I want to enjoy it so much that I invite my friends over and we each have a go at strapping something to out feet and taking a turn, perhaps walking all the way across Skyrim.

I am going to make a custom set of shoes that my friends can wear.. even if I have to order size thirteen as a second pair and strap them like a pair of sandals to my friends feet, so they can enjoy what I enjoy. But how many people do you think are going to rip apart your shoe for greater use.

I am not a bowling alley I am not going to buy a size for every single friend I have. So it is not a question of if you will have a couple strap on sizes.. but when, because it will keep the company from being a.. that's neat niche market to something mainstream, because it will keep the customers from marketing your product.

What do you think... thoughts?


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    I absolutely love the amount of views to the thread but what do most people think.. I have thought of getting elastic ice shoes and mounting them on a pair of large Oculus shoes.

    I am trying to figure out of Oculus is scared of a lawsuit from someone using their product and cracking their spine or something else.

    Really though I love the Virtuix Omni or I would not be here, I just want to share it with as many people as possibly and if it is a diy community I will happily facilitate, but so to speak, all I we want is your device to be in every home, and for that we need to market it to people who are not going to buy this by just staring at it. Let us... help you.
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    Hi Fogwalker, I did read your post, but I left my thoughts in the other 'Shoe' thread, because that's where most of the discussion is. It's great that you want to let others try the Omni and I understand your frustration. We will have to see what Virtuix come up with it. Plenty of time before January, but they're probably occupied with E3 and the kickstarter right now.
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  • Great argument, in shoe stores I see foot size measurement devices, you place your foot in one and then you retract a slider to find your shoe size, the shoes could use a slider for variable shoe sizes like the measurement devices.
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