Kinect Head Motion tracking?

In my struggle to create perfect virtual reality I had a idea. I want to still lean and do other motions that require the dk2 camera so I had the Idea to put my oculus camera directly over me while on the omni, then one on the front and back of me on tripods. Would this be a solution and can someone tell me if Xbox one kinects can be used as oculus cameras? If not can some one else tell me an idea for perfect head tracking?

My setup:
Oculus dk2
Virtuix omni
Stem system 2 controller bundle
KOR-FX vest
Razer Tiamat7.1


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    I'm not aware that the DK2 supports multiple cameras. Their latest prototype Crescent Bay only needs one as the LEDs run all the way around. So leaning will be possible with the Omni and Oculus consumer version, I'm sure. I think the Kinect would have too much latency. It might be better to get an extra STEM tracker and attach it to the DK2 for positional head tracking.
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  • @sutekiB thanks, but do you think one of the head trackers would support me leaning? And if not could the camera facing down directly over my head support that
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    @WIRAGaming I think so - Sixense have shown it working with DK2 and even Gear VR, though I haven't got to try it myself yet (am waiting for my STEM system). I did try the camera above the head approach and you can get some 360 degree leaning but I'd say it's not reliable enough. Lean too far forward or lean and look down and you lose the line of sight. I covered this test in one of my videos:

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    i think we should get a replacement for the camera, while still using the protocol for it. I do not know if oculus published the specs for the cam signals and protocols.
    Ideally we would get an usb device (wireless dongle ?) feeding emulating the cam signals but sending coordinates from a sensor like the stem (or a 9150).
    this way we could choose to go with the cam or emulate it with another tracker.
    This would allow developper to ensure they can rely on the sdk.
    Oculus should provide that, because it is a pity to have a device where you have to throw away features because they simply do not match an obvious need.
    I am not sure to understand how you can simply replace the camera by another tracking system and merge it with the oculus without going low level with programming.

  • @sutekiB what if I had a tripod directly above with a higher height say 7 feet or so (because I have a 11ft ceiling) but if I have it higher it would have a bigger field of view so then hypothetically it would compleatley cover the full range of the omni so then I can still lean, would that work?
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    @WIRAGaming Installing the camera higher will mean you could lean forward more, but you would still lose continuity of tracking sometimes if you tilt your head down, so it depends on the game and how you play. I'm quite happy just playing using the non-camera based tracking (rotation only) until the consumer version of the Rift comes out.
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  • @sutekiB hey good news, I jaut talked to some people at sixence and they say a stem pack can compleatley get rid of the use for a camera on the oculus rift. Meaning it will let us lean in and do everything on the omni! I'm going to go order a stem pack now to go with my 2 controller order!
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