What would it take.

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One word. NerveGear. What would it take and how far are we from that technological world in which you can lay in bed and join a 3D VRMMORPG?


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    One word. Far.

    The NerveGear as shown in SAO is a "read and write" BCI (Brain-Computer Interface).
    This means a device able to:
    - read brain activity and turn it into computer commands (walk forward, swing a sword, look around...)
    - send sensory information directly to the brain (images, sounds, forces...)

    The "read" part is being developed for few years and some nice results are already here :
    - It is possible to read the desire to move a limb without it moving. (you just need to focus on the idea of moving your left arm, for example)
    - It is possible to read the frequency of a blinking light in the user's field of view in his brain (thus determining which object he is focussing on)
    - It is possible to detect some mental "states" like being focused, relaxed, tense...
    All these info can be used to enable a person to control simple systems using only their brain.
    For example, first applications are used by quadriplegic persons to move a wheelchair, a pointer or a robotic arm.
    But, this is a really exhausting process, having to focus all the time, and the results are still a bit approximative.
    So, it is still a long time before we are able to casually move a character around and make it fight in a virtual world.

    The "write" part is nearly not developed at all, and mostly "science fiction" for now.
    Some teams are trying to send very basic images to blind people's brain, for example. article
    And some Japanese guys worked on some way to disturb the vestibular system to make the user feel like falling or turning. video

    So, in the end, we are still very far from NearvGear or The Matrix.
    But still, some cool VR is coming, so why bother ! :)
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