Dimensions when boxed

Hey guys, are you at the point where you have a specific dimension for the whole unit if it is boxed?
If so, what would it be and will it come in one whole box or separate boxes?


  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    From the FAQ:

    "The preliminary dimensions of the main Omni package (subject to change) are 47”x42”x27”, 160lbs. Note that you are able to transport the Omni in your regular car by storing the individual, separate pieces instead of the large, one-piece box. We plan to set up local pick-up locations in major hubs where you can pick up your Omni order (as opposed to paying for doorstep delivery)."
  • Ohhh, I see. Thanks!
  • The straight answer - no - we don't have package dimensions worked out just yet. The final product is still being worked out. We have made some radical production related changes in the last month that have a big impact on the packaging.
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