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Firts of all I do really appreciate this great job and thanks to the developers. So we are waiting for set up a business. Just one question, how will we get a technical support if one game nut break this awesome game platform? Who will fix it or will we have to order new spare part?

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  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi Gorkem, welcome to the forum!

    The developers say:
    "We have not worked out the servicing aspect for the Omni just yet. More info will be made available as we get closer to launch."

    Good luck with your business. Will it be a video-game arcade?
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • Yep - we will have to get the product finalized before we can think about the servicing. In addition, we will be releasing the first batches of Omnis slowly so that we may learn what potential problems may occur.
  • GG Posts: 2
    Hey there,

    Thank you sutekiB. Yes we plan as a video-game arcade. Ok waiting for the update info from you. Best regards...
  • @G - please be aware that the Omni is not intended to be used as a commercial product. We are creating the Omni for home use first. I would encourage you to obtain an Omni and learn about the operational characteristics and requirements before building a business model amount it. In addition, VR head mounted displays are stating they are not yet ready for commercial use either.
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