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Hi Forum users! We are expanding our vision for our TRAVR series, our Kickstarter stretch goal game that has grown from a single demo game - Shadow Ops, into a series of VR FPS experiences. We want to make an unforgettable impression when you use the Omni for the first time, and so we are aiming to make the TRAVR series as polished and exciting as we can!

TRAVR: Training Ops will be your first Omni assignment. In the corridors of the secret organization’s headquarters, you will hone your powers of movement, stamina and aiming, as you are tasked with shooting the numerous targets located within. Inaccuracy, taking hits from the automated drones, and proceeding slowly will all negatively affect your score. Progress through the ranks and become the agency’s best TRAVR agent!


In TRAVR: Shadow Ops, you and your teammate Craddock are transported to a Blacksite designated “FireLight” in Florence, Italy to investigate a Level 5 distress signal. A team of scientists has been attempting to weaponize a holy artefact linked to demonic possession. The location is compromised and all attempts to contain the threat have failed…


A third TRAVR game is in the making – to be announced soon!

We are very excited to be among those taking the first steps in redesigning the shooter experience for a new generation. We believe the FPS is a genre that will always appeal to gamers for its high intensity and adrenaline-pumping nature – it really makes you feel alive! As we move into this new era of Virtual Reality, we hope the Omni will ensure the FPS becomes a thriving part of the VR games industry thanks to our platform’s crucial ability to increase immersion and reduce simulator sickness during active VR sessions.

This thread will serve as our blog post where we can keep you updated on our development process. Feel free to add your feedback, suggestions, and discuss your views regarding TRAVR and the VR FPS in general. We are highly interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions! Disclaimer: Please note that any ideas shared here may or may not make an appearance in the TRAVR universe!

Below are a few new screenshots of TRAVR: Training Ops and our online Leader Board system that will allow you to enter your initials and compare your best time with other Omni users. Get ready to burn a whole lot of calories and battle your friends for the ultimate prize – becoming TRAVR’s most elite shadow-ops specialist!


Best regards,

The Virtuix Team


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    Ooowww Online leader board, I like it!

    The only thing I can think of right now is supporting a decaupled gun. You have decoupled head and movement which is an awsome achevment. However having decoupled head, movment AND gun would be outstanding.

    Getting your hands on a Sixense Stem and its SDK is basicly imposible but perhaps you could get your hands on an HTC Vive when they start giving them out to developers. Considering you guys are basicly the only game in town when it comes movment I think you would be a shoe in for a dev kit.
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    yes you should really prime the pump by providing anything that can drive people to the right way. Among aiming devices, you got 10$ ebay wireless air mouse, the EDTracker project (less than 50$) and possibly kinect. once you provide something even with basic aiming, even bad, people will try to make it better.
    let's hack this cabela top shot (you can find it for 20$, PS version).
  • Assim que estiver pronto, tragam aqui para que possamos testar! Parabéns pelo trabalho, acompanho desde o começo!
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