Is Omni Working on a Glove ?

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Hey guys,

Just saw a video with the OMNI logo, and wondering if you guys are working on a glove or something ?


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    Hnnngg. Can't... resist. Must... post... Power Glove... video.

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    But, yes, what's with the "Omni" stickers in the video...
    It does not seems there are any partnership or anything...
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Ok, Virtuix is the sponsor,

    Great to know that Virtuix is getting involved in more general research in the VR domain ! :)
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    Yes i am very glad to see Virtuix streating its legs :D

    I am very cureuse as to how all these devices will play out though. You have always need to move within games so there are standerdized inputs to do so. This allows the Omni to hook into any game and yet still have advanced fetures if games support the Omni directly. When you start to do things that have never existed, at least not on a wide spread consumer market, things get a little fuzzy. its not realistic for a game to attempte to support 10? 20? 30? seperate input/haptec devices that all have different yet more than likley similer API's. However its hard to get many different companies to agrea on and actually follow standards.

    I am thinking that the engine's, Unreal, Unity, Crytek, etc... are in an interesting place. Take the Rift for instance. I think all of them now have official support for it. So i am thinking they are also going to start doing that for other populer devices so developers would not have to worry so much about what devices these games support. At least until some standards start to emough an you simply see "haptec device" next to the keyboard and mouse.
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    WOW, there is some awsome spelling in there in that last post :p
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    Sure,@xxann5, the increase of number of VR solutions will be complex to deal with.
    Some, like the Omni, can simulate already existing control methods, but others, such as haptic or motion capture devices will require more specific adaptations.
    For example, haptic feedbacks rely on the physical characteristics of objects... which are usually not informed in games.

    Still, some nice "general solutions" are beginning to appear.
    I recently met guys fro "OSVR", an Open-Source platform for Virtual reality.
    Their framework is intended to be modular and standardised, in order to be able to deal with a large number of different devices.
    It's hard to tell if their chances of success are good, but they have some nice name supporting them: Razer, Sixense, Leap motion...
    They are even preparing their own HMD solution: it's announced to be open-source, cheap and modular...
    I tried their prototype, and it was not that bad... even had a really nice way for adapting the optics to you sight.

    I'll definitely keep an eye on that.
    But, yes, I totally agree on the point that game engine should try to include support for the most VR solutions possible.
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    O interesting @Jorgen I knew OSVR was making an Open source HMD i did not know they where attempting to stardardize VR IO. I will have to read up on OSVR. This is good i have been running out or VR articles that have not already read 2 or 8 times :D
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    it is great that virtuix is going a bit out of the box, but i do not really see the leverage between the omni and a glove.
    currenlty, the omni allows to walk into VR world and most of the game are shooting games (or eventually beating games with a stick or sword or anything you would hold in your hand.
    I would better see a kind of tube the size of a lipstick you can fit on your preferred weapon, allowing to aim 360 deg. Something like a STEM, but much simple (and cheaper).
  • JorgenJorgen Posts: 108
    Other devices could certainly make more sense in combination with the Omni.
    But this glove is not a research by Virtuix, it is a project that Virtuix seems to have accepted to be a sponsor of.
    And that is a huge difference... it just means that Virtuix supports novel ideas in the VR domain in exchange for a bit of advertisement, nothing more.

    But all this discussion is pure speculation around a single line on a website... Could someone from the Virtuix team confirm that / give us a bit more information ?
  • @Jorgen I think you have the right idea there. It seems like Virtuix is focusing on the Omni specifically with it's in-house staff but trying to encourage progress across the board for visceral VR peripherals. If that is indeed the case, I would be very impressed. Though this is still speculation so I must stay my beating heart until further information is given.
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