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Someone mentioned Delta Six, but it's still in development. What are the available or soon to be available controllers (beyond a regular Xbox controller) that would enhance gameplay?


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    As it currently stands, the go-to option for a VR controller seems to be the Razer Hydra. Many VR projects are trying to offer support for it so that it works seemlessly with their product. I'm sure there are plenty of other options out there as well, it's just a matter of finding them.
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    I'm personally excited at the prospect of using the input device from Tactical Haptics which incorporates the razer hydra for tracking, but adds haptic technology that can make it feel like you're using any number of implements including guns, swords, flails, and rackets. This would be especially useful for games like Fallout where you could be using a gun one moment, and a sword the next.

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  • I'm going with the Hydra for now. There are several other motion control guns and peripherals out there (Killzone, Mag II, Delta Six, etc..), but they either don't feature full 3D tracking (only gestural input), or they require the gun be pointed at a sensor bar or camera to work. For the Rift and Omni I want something I can aim realistically and 360 degrees without worrying about what direction its pointed in. Currently the only controller offering that is the Hydra.
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    The hydra seems to be the goto now, for all kinds of reasons the technology is here now and it utilizes other things that can be ported over eventually. You can rotate the hydra any position and it works perfectly. I think the thing will be if they integrate the hydra they will have to create a wireless version, otherwise people will slowly support and port over what they learned with the hydra to other technologies. The only thing is, there is no doubt Razer is eyeballing this very... very hard, they dropped their price on their site when the rift was in dev mode, they want to develop for it. They will come up with something but the only thing is fretting about price point.. two cell phone batteries, wireless chargers it starts to get a little pricey. Either they will adapt or something like Delta six will take its place.
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    Thanks everyone! I'll be ordering a Hydra in time for the arrival of my Omni in January.
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    Electric Blowback Airsoft (Gas won't work too well) + razer hydra would work much better than the xbox one. Feel realistic and give a slight kick if you can manage to add some sort of sensor trigger kit
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    That might work for a game that only uses guns, however the issue would be switching weapons in some games from a gun to a sword/knife/axe/staff/etc. I think that might make that set up a bit awkward, but then again most of the other VR guns suggested here would probably do the same. The only solution I see? Perhaps a button to push that switches the weapon from a rifle to a handgun both virtually and in real life. The handgun could be the main controller, and the barrel of the rifle could simply slip right onto it. My knife solution would be to map gestures for it. One to pull it out/attack quickly, and a few more for when the knife is the active weapon (stabbing up/down, slicing from left/right). If it was a game where the primary weapon was a knife then perhaps the razer hydra should be utilized in order to get a more precise reading on how the knife is being used by the user (Slicing up and down vs stabbing up/down).

    The controller by Tactical Haptics seems to be a great fit for a handgun/sword/knife combo. I could see that working flawlessly with that kind of a set up. As for something that needs two hands to operate, the only solution that I could see is having two controllers with a way to connect both of them into a "rifle" kind of set up (one hand supporting the barrel and the other hand on the handle and pulling the trigger)
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