Coupon for the Kickstarter Pledge of $479 doesn't cover Omni Rack

I got my eMail for the Kickstarter Transfer into the Virtux Web Shop.

But I got a problem, which may affects other, too.

The Coupon for the Kickstarter Pledge of $479 covers only $699. But my pledged Tier is listed with the Rack:
Belohnung: 479 $

Versand: INTL

OMNI + OMNI RACK: Get the full Omni natural motion interface, including platform, shoes, belt, and tracking hardware and software, plus the Omni Rack (see project description). (Add $49 per additional pair of shoes and $79 per additional belt. Shipping costs separate, see FAQ)
But the Omni and the Rack combined costs: $778.00.
So for the Rack an additional Coupon of $79.00 is missing.

I emailed [email protected] regarding this topic today and I will patiently wait for an answer.

If you have any ideas or the same trouble, let me please hear of it.
When I will get an answer from Virtuix, I will updated this Thread (or Post).

Thanks and best regards


  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi @weemonger, there has been some confusion about this email. I'll try to explain the situation:

    Some of the text doesn't accurately apply to your tier (it was mistakenly left in from the previous tier's email). The coupon will actually apply more than a $699 discount if your pledge included the Omni Rack. Try adding the Omni Package and the Omni Rack to your cart and then apply the coupon - you should find this reduces the amount to zero. Don't forget to create an account at checkout so you can log back in later to make any necessary changes to your delivery address!

    Also - take care when creating your password as it's masked as you type it in, and it doesn't ask you to re-enter it. Typos could make it difficult to access your account later on!

    I hope that helps :)
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • weemongerweemonger Posts: 4
    Thank you, @sutekiB.

    I got an answer from Lorenzo (Virtuix Support?), that they updated the coupon (which was only for $699 at the beginning). So all is fine, now.
    Omni and Rack is ordered and Account created.

    Thanks for the fast response.

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