PrioVR/Decoupled Aiming

Okay, so I pre-ordered my Omni back in November during Black Friday. I was planning on pre-ordering the Stem the same day...but there was no sale -_- So I decided I'd rather just pre-order my DK2. But after speaking to MULTIPLE people who own the DK2 kit, I decided to just wait til CV1...mainly because they all basically said "trust me, just wait til CV1". So til this day, the only peripheral I've pre-ordered is the Omni. Recently I came to the conclusion that I really don't need the Stem. I'm sure I could benefit from a few Stem packs, but I'm not paying for one of those expensive ass Stem bundles, aha! That is hilarious. I made this conclusion based on the fact that I'm going to use the Omni in lieu of WASD. The Oculus, of course, for Display. & the Army Force Elite AR controller for all remaining keybinds. Besides, all I play is FPS' why the HELL do I need the Stem?! Not to mention, the price was so high, I was only intending on getting the 2-Tracker Stem System Bundle (2 controllers & a base). That would be cool for a playing a game where you can use dual pistols/SMGs, like in Halo. But other than that, I don't see how an avid FPS player would benefit from that particular package. So that's why the conclusion was drawn initially that I didn't need the Stem...THEN I remembered that I needed a peripheral to account for decoupled aiming cuz I sure I sure as hell don't plan on aiming with my head -_- So my question is, since the Stem is out of the question, would PrioVR (6 sensor suit) be the best solution for decoupled aiming?


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    I had some impressions on the PrioVR by the guys from Cyberith... and even if their system is different, they have similar needs.
    So, their feedback is that the PrioVR suffers from drift issues, getting even worst when turning on place, so they had to recalibrate it every ten minute.

    Moreover, for now, really few games will be able to match the characters' moves to full-body motion capture.
    This is especially true for FPS, for which a VR gun is sufficient, at least for now.
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    At this point in time my money is on Valve's lighthouse for decoupled aiming. though that could change depending on what Oculus announces about input in the coming weeks.
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    if every maker of threadmill, vr helmet and vr suit is providing its own solution for aiming, you can extpect a big mess and no result.
    the only solution is to go like Stem, with stand alone device for aiming, so it can be universal , cheap and integrated in guns/swords.
    just imagine game makers all providing their own joystick setup, incompatible with others games....
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    How is the Sixences Stem system any different than
    every maker of threadmill, vr helmet and vr suit is providing its own solution for aiming

    Stem is over a year late on the Dev kits and as far as I know only a single person has received one. With Valve's lighthouse system or whatever Oculus comes out with the coming weeks are the only two that are going to get widespread adoption from developers. This is because developers know that people are going to have them since they come with the HMD's

    If Sixence got there dove kits out a year ago like they where supposed to they would already have dozens of games that supported it and they might have had a chance to keep that hold. But as of now I think they are doomed. Why would I spend X$ on a Vive with tracked controllers and then spend another 300$ (minimum) for a Stem system. It makes no sense.
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