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The kickstater is stated to begin in a week (as of this post) but I must admit that there are still a few things that I'm not comfortable with. Before I voice my concern it sould be noted that I live in Japan, in a modern Japanese house(which means small.)

Concern 1: Size, I calculated a diameter of 4 feet and that takes half my computer room. Smaller would be better but it's not a deal breaker.

Concern 2: Noise, I understand that the videos make it sound even louder but still, quieter is better. Again not really a deal breaker.

Concern 3: Price, some people on the Rift page are saying that they will be launching similar treadmills this week or so and for cheap. Then there's explaining to my wife that the Oculus is 300$ and that an accessory for it is 400$+. Depending on competition and actual price this could be a deal breaker.

Concern 4: My personal biggest concern, crouching. I want to crouch, not lean forward, crouch. So far this is my biggest deal breaker. If I buy a device for half a 1000 dollars for the purpose of moving in games the way I move in real life then I want to full experience. Biggest deal breaker so far.

Time will tell I guess, I REALLY want to buy from Virtuix though.


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    I tell you what. If a bigger Omni would allow huge steps i would buy it. What if you want to run away really fast and with humongous steps. 3 Meter woul not be a deal breaker, on the contrary.
    One has to set new priorities. VR is the future, better said it will be a cultural revolution and therefore
    my livingroom has to be aligned for it. I don#t see anymore the TV as the centre of a room. In the future the furniture will be aligned to a center of a room where augmented reality movies in real size take place and people are gathered but can see one another while watching.
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    What movements can you perform on the Omni?

    Besides walking, the Omni allows for running, jumping, crouching and strafing (sideways stepping). The Omni software will provide gesture recognition that translates any required movement to mouse and key strokes that steer the avatar in the virtual environment.

    Hope that helps Kijutsu
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    It's not real crouching, you lean forward right now. What happens when the Rift gets proper head tracking and you wanna look around a corner by leaning forward? The Virtuix would see this as crouching, no?
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    Hi Kijutsu, at that time, our software would no longer need to recognize crouching, since the positional tracking of the Rift will take care of that. Thank you for your support!
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    Wouldn't the harness prevent you from crouching though? Not sure how that would solve anything. Care to enlighten me?
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    Yes, full crouching is not possible with the current setup. Crouching is tough to reconcile in a cost effective way with a safety assembly that is meant to prevent you from going down. We opted for safety for now. That said, the immersion of bending over is good.
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    I see. Thank you for the prompt reply. Maybe as you get use to the omni the user could ditch the harness and then, with the help of positional tracking, you'd be able to crouch properly eh.

  • I wonder if there would be a way to take the support arms that hold the harness and put some kind of hinges/joints in conjunction with a spring or simple hydraulic set up so that the harness ring could bend down with you while still maintaining lateral stability. Perhaps integrate into tracking software some sort of cue that would let the system know when someone is about it crouch and can then unlock and allow you to crouch.
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    I don't know how the system might be able to anticipate the player crouching, especially in a fps where people can do pretty much any move almost instantaneously. Plus, I'd definitely be worried that the support arms might become compromised much sooner than they would should they remain solid (without any hinges or joints).
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  • I really need a harness that fits a 56-60" waist. Any chance that'll be forthcoming? Also, what's the weight capacity?
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    From the FAQ :
    The final production waist support ring will be adjustable to accommodate heights ranging from 4’8” up to 6’5”, and a maximum user weight of 285 pounds. The waist harness comes in various sizes.
    For now, the harness fit up to 44" waist.Probably it can accept a few more inches, but probably not up to 60"
    Perhaps larger harness will be available in the future, but I doubt that the suport ring is wide enough. In that case, you would need to adapt the ring to your needs.

  • As admin points out, how do you safely crouch?

    You'll have to make sure you have posts that are at a far distance from the platform because if you slip and the harness doesn't keep you upright, your feet/legs could go smashing into a post pretty hard. This is a fundamental safety issues with cyberith. To fix it, you have to have this thing with a massive foot print (posts that are a far distance from the platform.

    Virtuix has taken awhile, but they really did think everything through pretty carefully.

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