so close, yet so far away!

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So i've been watching people use the omni in person, and i'm even more thrilled with my choice in pre-ordering it. Sadly looks like I can't get in fast enough to grab the passes to give it a try before they are all handed out :(

Anyone else try it out at E3 this year? Does their demo support their now announced backwards movement..ect?


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    Hi Molster,

    We do support backwards movement, stop by our booth and I'll make sure to get you on!
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    Nice @ModMan !

    Im expecting a detailed review @molster ! :)
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    Oh man, I checked this before heading in today, which was about 30 mins before his post!

    show floor will be closed before I could get back in time, super damn!

    On a fully unreleated note, edge of nowhere is without a doubt the future of games !
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    I'll bounce on your unrelated note to ask a question that tickles me for some time...

    Edge of Nowhere : third person VR ?

    I admit I always considered that third person and VR headsets were highly incompatible... so, it seems I was wrong....
    How do thy manage to make the user feel comfortable looking at it character from behind in VR ?
    How do they deal with the motion sickness that should logically happen ?

    Do you have any clues ?
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    I always thought the that as well @Jargon I was very sceptical about Herobound on the GearVR. Much to my surprise not only does it work but it works REALLY well. It is a Zelda-like game right down to the hookshot and I could not be happier with it! No idea why it works but it does.

    One major difference between Herobound and Edge of Nowhere is that Herobound has a fixed carrera(HMD?) per room fading in and out of each room. So you are just looking around from a fixed point. It looks liek Edge of Nowhere and other games like it look like the camera i on a fixed rail that then follows the main character. I would assume that does not induce sim-sickness either as I don't think Oculus would endorse it if it did. But again I can not imagine why this works.

    One thought I had is that it works as long as it goes slow enough and only forces your position in space and does not force which direction you are looking. which is somewhat similar to say being a passenger in a golf cart (or a slow car). Not controle of there you're going but you can still look around. And pretty much everyone is used to that. Just a thought.
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    SO i thought the same as you to a degree.

    I knew some games worked well in vr where you were not the character. For example legend of dungeon (or w/e it is called) I love in VR. it's like you are looking down on a gaint boardgame.

    Now with edge of nowhere. -

    When I first sat down, and the game started up, I was not the most impressed. Yeah, i was in a "3d world" and I could see my character walk as I moved it. It did not feel that bad by any means. But it was nothing special.

    The demo went on, and I jumped to a cliff, watched some ground fall in front of me. Neat. but thats all it was, I had seen better VR experiences ... Then it started

    I was walking into the cave, a giant monster walks over me, this thing took up my whole upper screen and was in my view no matter where i looked as it walked over me. This was neat, and when I started to get interested. However, this was still not super unique to 3rd person only, and thus third person still had not won me over.

    Then we enter the dark cave, This was pretty cool looking, but nothing more than that. Then....heh, then the third person in vr shined.

    First your character jumps onto a rope, and starts climbing down a MASSIVE whole.. holy ****. Then monsters start coming down the sides of the wallls as you are climbing. This was the first part where 3rd person was kind of neat. I was seeing what my character was doing, while watching this mass of monsters close into him AND me, it was the first connection between being this overlooker and my character. I quickly jumped off the rope into tte next room, where 3rd person proved to me it has a place in vr and that vr is without a doubt the future of gaming.

    Now we are runnining for our lives, while these monsters are coming all around us, racing after us. This is wild because im looking forward warching my character, but out the side of my eyes I see these guys racing up to me, so I physical turn and look at them as they race right beside "me" as they try to catch my character.

    Then.. then the map ahead starts to get narrow, and ground starts to fall apart. Now I have to not only watch my hero, (I died here once btw) so that he stays on the ground is does not fall. Im also looking all around me watching where these monsters are coming from... holy hell. That part was the hands down winner of that demo.

    Then the end, you enter a random library, you hear a ladies voice.. im still just looking around then these tentacles come out from all sides of "my" view" and then inclose all around the character and vr headset

    it was hands down amazing. And having you as someone who can look around everything, while action is going on in two places. really adds something to the game, and imo brings 3rd person games to the next level.
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    Nice feedback... thanks !

    So, the movement controls make the character move around, along with the viewer's point of view, and the head rotations make the view rotate around this point and not around the character, am I right ?
    This means that the character gets out of sight if you look behind you ?
    It sounds like it gave you the impression of being kind of a flying "observer", floating behind a character that wasn't you...
    Doesn't it make the fact of controlling this character's movements weird ?
    Or does it feels like being a mind-controlling stalking bat ?

    Last question : even if it felt right, do you think it is compatible with VR treadmills ?
    Because, running in order the character you "follow" to run may feels totally wrong...

    I'm still a bit unsure about all this 3rd person VR... should try it by myself....
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