Cord management

Maybe you could add a port on the Virtuix Omni that rotates with you and connects to the bottom and you can send out another cord to your computer. This would come in handy for the Oculus Rift or non wireless controllers.


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    yeah yeah yeah! Here's an idea. Have the harness hang over the ring and have hole in the part hanging over you can feed the cable through and up to the back of your head. And then have a wide groove on the outside edge of the ring of the omni where the cord can wrap around. And then on one of the legs have a place that can feed out cable using one of those retractable cable extender thingies! Wooh. Patent pending!!!!!! J/k That being said, nobody is allowed to patent this because it's all prior art now.
  • Here's a really expensive retractable cord reel, but it's just an example. There are MUCH cheaper ones out there
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    I have investigated this for months for my own prototype support system.. there is no company that offers an HDMI 360 degree swivel that can rotate endlessly/freely in either direction otherwise we wouldn't need wireless and wouldn't be concerned about short battery pack life playing games using HMD using them.
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    360 degree swivel that can rotate endlessly/freely in either direction
    The term you're looking for is "slip ring". I only know of one HDMI slip ring. Unfortunately it only supports a resolution up to 1080p at 18Gbps (lowercase B :( ) with no mention of the upper frequency that it supports.

    Getting a slip ring with enough wires to support HDMI as well as the throughput and frequency required would be VERY expensive, though im sure it could technically be done.
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