Is this a Dead Project?

Any new updates for Kickstarters?

Also is there an issue with the website.. I registered and used my coupon and received a confirmation email back when we were asked too.. today I tried to login and the website has no user information for me.. my account looks to be deleted... is this an issue for any other Kickstarters?


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    Hi @Morbeious, did you ever log in before? It sounds like you might not have checked the box to create a customer account when you imported your rewards (customer login details aren't the same as your forum details). Some people neglected to do this as it was quite easy to miss. In that case, your order will still be there, but not tied to an account that you can log into. Try contacting [email protected]; they should be able to verify this and fix it for you if necessary. They can create an account, tie it to your order, and give you the password - which you can then change to whatever you like. Hope that helps!

    Also, the project is alive and well, and we should get an update in the next few days :)
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    @sutekiB Let's hope this upcoming update is THE update: fixed date that the Omni is shipping out the door. I'am new to this forum and this is my first post. sutekiB, I would like to ask you a question if I can. I saw you and Jan trying out KAT WALK. Is there any impression you can publicly share? For example, was it comfortable to walk/run or just your overall impression of it is fine as well.
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    Hi @Sponge101, welcome to the forum! Given the KAT WALK is still an early prototype, I think it would be unfair to compare it to the Omni which has been in development for over two years. Any impression I had would not be representative of their final product. I was excited to try it, partly to see what the challenges and benefits of its more open design would prove to be. I'll most likely leave it to impartial journalists to make comparative reviews once they are both on the market. I can say however that the KAT VR team were very nice, friendly people and it was a pleasure to meet them.
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  • @SutekiB, That's a fair answer. Thanks for the reply.
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