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The idea of walking in VR was the next evolutionary step.. I was one of the first few supporters of the Omni, and was very excited to hand over my money.. but its been 2 yrs almost now.. and several products have hit the market.. being in the VR development business have a lot of HMD's like DK1, DK2, and now the HTC Vive, the Vive has changed VR in a massive way. an now it has me reconsidering my Omni purchase.. So now I'm thinking which is better Omni restricted space moment in VR or Vive open-space movement in VR. My first thoughts is Omni is very compact and requires little space, the Vive requires a room for sensor placement.. the Vive feels pretty natural when moving what do you guys think?


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    I really think there is no rivality between the Vive and the Omni... they do not apply to the same kinds of applications.

    The Vive enables free movement in a space limited by your real environment.
    This means that you are limited either to really small virtual environments or to virtual environments addapted to your environments
    "The Gallery : Six Elements" is a good example of application adapted to the Vive.

    But the Vive without an additional device such as the Omni does not allow you free movement in large virtual environments such as most video games offer.
    If you want to run around in any kind of virtual environment, omnidirectional treadmills are still the only reasonable solution for now. :)
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    Well said @Jorgen

    I for one hope that games like The Gallery offer there alternate locomotion systems as an option and will still allow "free roaming", if you want to call it that, for those with either an iron stomach or those that own and ODT.
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