another VR suit for the omni ?

kickstarter for SALTO , another VR suit.
should be great with the omni.
Let's hope it will go better than the PrioVR (still not available , if ever...) and the neuron ( partially available ).


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    As much I would love to have full mo-cap in games with something like this i just don't see it happening for several years.

    The technology is there and its relatively affordable, sub 1000$, but its still far to expensive your average VR consumer to buy. At least not for a few years. But that is only part of the problem. The real problem i see is in-game support. Its not enough to simply have your in-game character mimic the motions you are making in real life but those motions need to result in actions with in the game. Pushing something on a disk with your hand, Kicking someone, waving, flipping someone off, these all need to have consequences in the game or presents will suffer and there wont be much point in the full body tracking.

    The Omni is a different case do to the problem its trying to solve. Games already require your character to move and there are already industry wide standards that are followed to accomplish that, so the the Omni can simply mimic those and have basic functionality for just about any game. Further more, the advanced features of the Omni, mainly analog walking speed, and decoupled movement with head tracking, are relatively trivial matters to implement within a game(presuming Virtuix provides a proper API/Library) because they are just alterations to existing in-game actions.

    So right now I only see these suits primarily used for mo-cap and not really getting into the gaming market for.... I would say 5 years, once the price comes down a bit and develops become more comfortable developing for VR and hopefully some standards start to emerge. Then I think you will start to see developers putting in the time to start adding support for suits like this.

    Don't get me wrong i still want them to succeeded! Good sub 1000$ mo-cap is a game changer for not only indie game developers but also for animation and film.
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    well , the omni is already some kind of VR suit (since it uses 2 sensors for the feet , at last that's were the latest news i know).
    tracking the rest of the body is just adding more sensors, and then giving a better idea of the leg's position.
    for interaction, you got collision detection and most of games already implement that.

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    The Omni POD's providing positional tracking for your feet? I would be vary surprised if that is a feature. The POD's are just IMU's so you would need to calibrate them every time you get on the Omni. Not only that, but they would be tracked separately from the HMD/controllers so they will drift regardless of how well the IMU's perform or how well you calibrate them, that's why you always see the STEM guys put a STEM pack on the DK2.

    If I was a betting man I would put my money on the IC built into the Omni using the raw data from the POD IMU's to calculate a single vector(direction, speed) to then send to there API that then directly dictates in game movement, for supported games, or for unsupported games, to then translate that vector to keyboard/controller input. At least that would be my first attempt on how to do it.

    Even if we put the technical hurdles with the hardware aside that still does not change the fact that it is currently still a fairly in-depth process to get full body motion tracking into a game. I still think dev's will be more concerned about getting general VR mechanics working and games out to market before they even consider full body tracking.
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    well, VR suits have no aboslute positional tracking either (at least for the cheap ones we emerging now). They also rely on calculating position from acceleration, and good ones are adding magnetic detection to avoid drift. So probably the PODs from the omni are not really tracking position, but they deliver same style of information. The way it is used then is not important.
    For the games, i think , as soon you put a character in full and need to have it run, jumb, fight, there is probably behind some kind of basic skeletton and IK (inverse kinematic), so driving the character from a VR suit should be pretty straightforward provided there is some way to input the data.
    Developpers are lazy, so they reuse what is available and so many animated creatures rely on the same body structure and joints.
    That is why most VR suit are easily interfaced with sur application like Unity. Check Mixamo to see how easy they made it.
    Today with a simple kinect, you can scan yourself as a full body and animate it with a VR suit with only a few clicks.
    check :
    and many many other

    Haptic (feeling the virtual world) is the real difficult thing.
  • IMHO, a suit would be interesting for me, but if VR becomes more affordable and advanced in the future, we would be seeing something of the likes of a COD-ish game being played by soldiers on a professional basis, if you catch my drift. it would help me a lot tho since i kind of reflexively move my head too when i'm dodging headshots in TF2 ^^

  • I actually think that Virtuix is going to eventually put together its own VR suit to work with the Omni treadmill. Seeing what the progress is, I'd like to believe that Virtuix is just working up to a full suit piece by piece. I mean, the treadmill tracks general body movements with the harness and the PODs to track the motion of your feet. Also, Virtuix is working on a set of haptic controllers they call the "Hands Omni' (if you haven't heard of these, then you definitely need to look them up). I do believe that Virtuix is slowly but surely working its way towards full immersion.

    And you guys need to look at the big picture here.

    The world of Virtual Reality is just recently becoming more in-depth with the amount of sensory input available. I'm positive that with the increase in technological knowledge, even more resources and time will be put into virtual reality. The tracking will become exponentially better as will the movement systems by hopefully combining haptics with full body suits and treadmills. So just remember that this is just the beginning of an entirely new front.
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