Disconnect feet movement from head?

Is it currently possible (or will it be possible) to disconnect the feet movement from where you're looking? I'm finding one issue is that when I run and shoot at the same time I have to turn and look in the direction that I'm shooting to line up the target .. but this pulls me off the trail as I move forward in that direction and generally messes with the experience. What I need is the ability to continue moving forward in the direction of my feet but also the ability to look where I'm aiming. So, you end up with three things: feet, hands, and head .. all potentially moving in a different direction.


  • If you look here at 23 seconds, I noticed that when the player glanced in a different direction he also moved in that direction. This is the problem that I'm facing.

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    Yes it is. However you really need a tracked controller such as the Vive controllers or Oculus Touch controllers to make it even remotely feasible. It's technically possible with a controler but I am willing to bet that would make it just about impossible to hit anything. You can see the Omni + Vive with decoupled movement, shooting, and looking in action in their Omni Vive Youtube video (I would link it but I am at work). This does however require the Omni SDK, at least I would think it would require it. hhmmm..... I suppose you could technically hack something together to do it without the Omni SDK though I would be willing to bet it would be difficult and prone to issues.

    Speaking of the Omni SDK.... where is it? :smiley:
  • As xxann5 mentioned, the Vive does allow for fully de-coupled movement due to the tracked controllers and headset.

    At the 23 second mark in the YouTube video, he adjusts his rotation slightly to turn right (you'll see the harness rotate just a little). Though he glances to the right, this actually did nothing in regard to turning him. He actually takes a few steps forward while looking to the right later in the video (53 seconds).
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    This wouldn't be controlled by the Vive, but rather the Omni SDK. You need to get your movement direction vector from the rotation of the Omni Pods rather than the HMD. Is that how the SDK works? If you ever get a chance to record a video looking sideways while walking forward that would be cool :) Maybe in your next demo?
  • Ok, I found an example at 26s when he glances left to shoot at the targets while continuing his forward motion. Awesome! This will be perfect. Man, I'm so excited!
  • Oh, I see. While I'm not exactly sure how our SDK works (as in the data it uses for rotation) it does allow for de-coupled feet and head movement. We've been using it for both Rift DK2 and Vive with our TRAVR games. The tracked controllers are what allows for the de-coupled "hands" which works great with Vive. It should, in theory, work for the Touch controllers as well. Of course, we won't know for sure until we get our hands on the Touch controllers.
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