Using iphone to (partially) simulate the Touch Controllers

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I was thinking of doing this as I need the controllers now rather than waiting for them from Vive/Oculus/SixSense/etc. I'd use sensor fusion of the accelerometer/Gyroscope/Magnetometer, though there have been reports that the magnetometer is a bit unreliable. One idea I had was putting an electromagnet nearby (you can get them cheap) to keep the magnetometer stable. Anyone have any experience with this?


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    there a trackers a lot cheaper, better and esier to use than a smartphone.
    look for EDtracker
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    I like the smartphone, because
    a) I have several,
    b) they all have input buttons on them so I can use them as controllers
    c) I am very good at programming them,
    d) they are pretty proven in terms of stability / battery / etc
    e) lots of common resources on the internet (stackoverflow, etc)
    f) they all have bluetooth / wifi / udp stacks that are easy to implement to.

    and probably most important of all..

    everyone has one, so we can easily share our solutions.

    That being said, I'm curious about the EDTracker. Do you have one / worked with one? What does it have a smartphone does not?
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    i have the EDtracker and the wireless EDtracker.
    The wireless one is a prototype (while it perfectly works) and you just plug the usb receiver and get the joystick emulation ready.
    The EDtracker is great too, but the usb wire makes it difficult for using it with the omni.
    My target is actually to incorporate such device into the cabela top shot gun to have decoupled aiming.
    The top shot is a super cheap (15-30$ for the PS version, that is the same as the xbox version) gun that has been used for the omni from the start.
    It is a xbox/ps controller disguised into a gun, with plenty of button and two joystick and all of this wireless.
    If i can hack one of the joystick, it would be cool to feed the joystick signal with IMU data,so all would be send by the wireless interface of the gun.
    it should be easy with a small arduino to transform the angular position into an analog signal emulating the joystick (with optocoupler ?)

    but your idea of using a smartphone for its wide availability is great too.
    add to the software a 3D print file of a gun able to support the phone and the external trigger button (like on selfie stick) and you get a great deal for cheap.
    among other ideas, there would be the laser saber handle, and use smartphone audio capability to make the swoosh sound, or use the vibrating feature for some feedback.
    you could also use the touch screen as additional interface with 3d screen protector that allows to feel the buttons.

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