Weird (to me) question - anyone who is a backer that isn't planning on continuing?

Hey guys

firstly, apologies to the admins if this question is a no-no. if it is please pull this thread..

ok, is there anyone who is a kickstarter backer that doesn't want their unit but is prepared to transfer the unit to me?? I desperately want to own one of these as quickly as possible but didn't get in early enough and now I'm looking at a huge wait before I can buy one...

Ideally it'd be us both contacting the admins and asking them to transfer (don't want to give someone money to buy it and then rely on the kindness of people I don't know to send me the hardware), and the admins letting it happen etc... [hey, I figure it's worth a shot - you don't get if you don't ask] I'm even happy to pay the full retail amount for the unit if this is possible


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    Worth a shot, right? :) Wish I could help, but I am probably as excited as you to have one.
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    I remember reading some comments about people wanting to cancel or sell their orders in the comments of Kickstarter some time ago; it's worth checking out maybe? Another thing you could do is be watchful for any early user who decides to sell their Omni on Ebay or something. There bounds to be a few of those.
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    Re-selling and soliciting is not allowed on the forum, sorry about that! If someone does not want to receive their Omni, they contact [email protected] That unit then effectively becomes available sooner for the next person who ordered. While it's totally understandable that someone would want to get hold of an Omni earlier, one has to consider the other people who have been in the queue longer, so Virtuix would not be able to allocate it to a new pre-order customer. Hopefully if there is a significant wait, you might at least have someone nearby who starts a commercial arcade using the Omni so you can use it while you wait for your own unit. Once those arcades starting popping up, I'm sure they'll be listed on the site.
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    Oh well, there goes that idea.
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    No worries @Sponge101, you're just trying to be helpful, and I have sympathy for the OP too. In an ideal world everyone (or at least most people) can get things at roughly the same time, or without much delay, which is why companies will usually stockpile before they begin shipping. That is not something you can typically do with a Kickstarter project, which often have long delays where people have put money down far in advance. Unfortunately, I don't see a solution to the problem. Sometimes, the only recourse is patience, and distracting yourself with something else while you wait. I would probably set myself some kind of challenge, like watch and review as many movies as I can between now and when my pre-order arrives - there are so many of them after all; they're enjoyable, edifying, distracting, and perhaps something you find yourself consuming less of once you do get really into VR. Now is the time to appreciate them! I might even start a movie recommendation thread :)
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    Yeah, Kickstarter projects have some cons associated with it; just the nature of being a crowd-funded project I guess.

    Sure, why not start a movie thread (maybe even a VR-category one). A lot of movie companies are contacting HMD makers (Oculus, Vive, Sony) about how to make movies in VR and what they should and should not include. Imagine James Cameron announcing Avatar 2 VR-compatible--I can only dream. I saw the first Avatar in my home in 3D (the way it was meant to be seen) and I was blown away; it was a singular experience I'll never forget. Mainstream VR needs a killer app of that scale to succeed.

    As for distraction, courses begins next week for me so I'll be busy enough running around campus. I've also been playing with motion controllers which has been a ton of fun.
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    hey @sutekiB and @Sponge101 all good - thought that might be the case which is why I said to just delete the thread if it breaches the rules.. it was a hope more than anything else. I'll just wait until the backlog clears.. I doubt anyone in Perth Western Australia is going to set up an Omni Arcade in the near future - I'll just order one in June/July.
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