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Hi guys! I got my Virtuix Omni motion platform! Now I can upload my own Active VR videos. First up, TRAVR: Training Ops, which was the Omni's stretch goal during its Kickstarter campaign. If the training mode is this much fun, imagine what multiplayer will be like! More videos coming soon :)

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  • I think it would be cool if you had a reoccurring signature sign-off at the end of the video involving the gun like you did here. It could be that finger gun twirl or the one-handed pump gesture or any other technique you can think of B)
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    I was thinking of doing just that @Sponge101, but I won't always use the gun. It might have to be different for each controller :)
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    Aaaaand here it is! My first legacy game played with the Virtuix Omni is...


    It's quite a long video as I'm thinking of doing a complete play-through, although I did edit out one part (the beheading sequence), mainly to get into the action a bit quicker. Hope you like it!
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  • SHOCKING how similar our experiences were--boredom with traditional games and Oblivion was my first open-world game as well and it was an eye-opener (love of exploration). Loved the intro voice over section. If you currently find it difficult to comment during gameplay then maybe dubbing over the gameplay after you've already played it would be a good idea. That way it's preparing you for not only commenting during actual gameplay but who knows, maybe it will affect your decision making process the next time you play as well because it's allowing you to review what you've already done and say "I should have done this or that". Although dubbing over would mean lowering the master volume of the game; it's really striking a balance I think.

    I brought this up before but what about the idea of a "let's play" type of event where if you could somehow overlay a small live text screen of people in your HMD who sees what you see and therefore can give you feedback in real time. Not sure if that's even possible yet but imagine how different the experience would be to know you have other people along with you for the journey you're in. Not sue if this has ever happened in the history of VR Active gaming.
  • BTW since you're uploading videos now be on alert for anyone who's taking your video and uploading them as their own. Another VR gamer I follow had to deal with that twice and it ended with him reporting the offender to Youtube and their channel got closed down.
  • Had a feeling it would be Skyrim. Speaking of which, obviously it wasn't built with VR in mind so I'm curious: how well was your experience with it in terms of VR; length of time played; was motion sickness ever a problem?
  • Sorry, more questions. Can you say your PC specs? Also, the DK2 native refresh is 75 but I want to try using it at 60fps. Reason being I want some fps headroom. Have you tried using it at a lower fps and how big of an actual noticeable difference is there? Thanks.
  • More questions! Have you tried using a smartwatch or fitbit-type device to monitor distance traveled and calories burned? I know the Omni has software that does that but I wanted to compare the two for accuracy.
  • LOVE the videos guys! Great work.
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    Thanks @jasonbazar!

    Hey @Sponge101, thanks for the advice! In answer to your questions: my Skyrim experience was excellent. I didn't suffer from sim-sickness. That said, there are a few scenes where camera control is taken away (I cut one such part out - the beheading sequence). This is uncomfortable, but it's brief enough that I don't start to feel nausea. Falling in-game I have always been okay with, in fact I enjoy it. What would make it unplayable for me without the Omni is turning or moving forwards/backwards with a keyboard or gamepad. Jumping is not quite as comfortable as falling for me, but again unlike with unexpected loss of camera control, it's not too bad, and it's brief enough and infrequent enough not to cause any issues. I am looking forward to jumping using the Omni, that will be much better!

    I could have happily played Skyrim for hours, but then it would have been a huge file to edit and upload! I still want to try talking while playing, let me see if I'm comfortable with that.

    My PC specs are:
    Windows 7 64bit
    Intel I7 -6700K 4.00GHz
    NVidia GTX 980Ti
    16 GB RAM

    I do get frame rate drops with Skyrim sometimes. Each game is different of course and you can tweak your setting for performance. Personally I can handle choppy frame rates as long as it's brief.

    I don't have a fitbit to compare my steps, but that would be interesting. I'd also like to get some heart-rate data overlay on the video at some point. I will keep trying to improve the videos :)
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    @sutekiB You needn't have a fitbit. Just use your smartphone. i remember some group tested the difference and found that a smartphone in your pocket was just as accurate at counting steps.
  • @sutekiB. Great idea with the heart-rate overlay--I didn't even think about that! I've never seen it done before because it wouldn't have made much sense (people are just sitting) but with the Omni it makes perfect sense; it's another way of engaging with the audience because they see how much you're exerting in different situations. Really looking forward to it--along with 60fps ;)

    @Tomek. Yeah, that would work but, as I've come to realize, something on your wrist is much more practical/comfortable during exercise (which technically this is) than having to take the phone out of the pocket for the athlete.
  • Speaking of overlay, what about a fps counter like Fraps in the corner of the screen?
  • Skyrim with Wiimotes for sword swing--I'm definitely going to try this. Too bad it's not 1:1 tracking :(
  • ^^ That's a great video! I haven't gotten to try Skyrim yet, but it looks like a lot of fun.
  • Yeah! I still remember how big a deal it was when it first released years ago. Cross finger for Skyrim sequel to have native VR support.
  • @sutekiB. Apparently this is a Skyrim resurgence week. The hands during combat looks a little... off. Saw a video today that might be relevant. He's using Vorpx though.

    BTW been meaning to say this: I can't believe you're having frame-rate problems with a 6700k and 980ti!--makes me want to cry looking at my own system :'(
  • He's having issues with a 6700k and 980ti? And I thought my 4790k and 980ti were going to blow it out of the water. Time to overclock like a mad horse and see what I can get out of my $1700.00 hunk of solder and precious metals in that case.
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    Hi guys, new video for you! I was asked to show decoupled mode, so here it is... TRAVR: Training Ops - Decoupled!

    What do you think? :)
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    The laser beam scenes is a real testament to the confidence that Virtuix has in their motion detection capabilities. If it was off, you'd be frustrated by constantly running into the beams.

    I guess this isn't tri-decoupled but rather two-decoupled, correct? Head and legs rather than head/gun/feet.

    The video is good, but I do have to say I think to really leverage it you have to do run and gun. That is, running forward while you're shooting targets off to your side. This would probably really cut down on your accuracy of course.
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    @blazespinnaker Thanks! Yes, running and gunning would cut down my accuracy (or at least, make it more difficult to be accurate); it would also make it more difficult to talk as I'm playing. Since I wasn't trying to beat anyone's score, I took my time on these levels. I could have probably done a better job of showing decoupled, like walking consistently in one direction while looking 90 degrees for a few seconds (I do it too briefly now I look back at the video) but hopefully you guys can at least see that it's working. It is pretty amazing. Imagine walking through a beautiful game world like Ni No Kuni and being able to look all around you without drifting off course, that would be awesome.

    That's right, aiming is not decoupled. I would need a Vive developer kit to do that.
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    Great job @sutekiB. Really appreciate this videos while the other path finders are still MIA. It's a shame you can't do tri-decoupling. I was hoping it would be available for at least some things. Do you think with the Rift, you'd need a DK as well?
  • As soon as I get my Leap, I will do tri-decoupled. I've created an open world game where you can around shooting fireballs from your hands.
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    @Tomek, thanks! To be fair to other Pathfinders, making YouTube videos isn't that easy. I'm struggling to find as much time as I would like to make them myself. I'm sure they're using their Omnis a lot and are busy filling in surveys :wink:

    Sorry, could you explain your question?

    @blazespinnaker, that sounds cool! I will have to borrow a Leap so I can try it :)
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  • @gleamingsands. I killed my 2500k from apparently overclocking it--with liquid cooling! I was pushing it only to 4.0 too. Good luck with OCing yours, though.

    @Tomek,@sutekiB. In that context, I think he was talking about the possibility of tri-dec with the Touch and the consumer Rift with using the Omni.
    However, Oculus has yet to release Touch DK to developers as far as I know.

    @blazespinnaker. Cool! Be sure to share some vids with the rest of us.

    @sutekiB. Another great video--this one is the best yet. It's getting better and better but I have to be honest about the voice recording quality--it's a little muffled sounding. I wonder if those wireless voice recorder t.v. reporter/interviewer use could be compatible here? BTW I assume you've tried the Army and obviously the Cabela gun--which one you like better when in-use with the Omni? I have to make this decision pretty soon.
  • One thing I realized bombing around in my Omni is that without the SDK, I can only do two-decouple - aim and head/feet. That will still work, but boy I can't wait for the SDK.
  • I'm so jealous of you guys! Thank you for all the videos, that last one was perfect SutekiB!
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    @Tomek In that case, unless the Vive and Touch controllers are integrated into engines like Unreal and Unity, developers will have to use those respective SDKs to get hand tracked movement in the game.
    @Sponge101, I'm not sure how expensive those professional mics are. You have to wear a transmitter as well which can be awkward. I'm still hoping to get some heart-rate data in but i need to get a new HR monitor first.

    BTW, sorry there weren't any new videos this weekend :(. I had my phone stolen on Saturday which set me back a bit, and on Sunday I spent the whole day with a friend I hadn't seen in a while. I will try to get some more videos up this week tho - I'll keep you all posted.
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  • @sutekiB. Really sorry about your phone. I'm sure you've taken all necessary measures to prevent the thief from using sensitive information such as financial data. Hey, get an iphone as a replacement; even the FBI can't crack it :D Don't worry too much about quantity of videos--I prefer quality any day ;)
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    @sutekiB While cost may be a factor in this, I highly recommend that you get a boom stand, powered mixer, and condenser mic. It's my personal set up for audio recording, and frankly the quality is excellent. Some mild adjustments and you have what will be essentially the highest audio quality available to you. I'll leave a list of associated equipment here for you.

    I can assure you from personal experience that this is an amazing set up, and sans the cables, you should be able to keep your costs under $100.00. Adjust the gain as needed and make sure you're not blowing up the volume past the distortion limit and you're golden. As for background noise, you can run some filters to help with any annoying audio artifacts. My setup personally looks like this, and I'll include one of my videos to give you an example of the sound quality I get from this equipment. Best of luck with the recording man.

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