What Order Number were you when you Backed This projet?

I'm order number 2000. backed it in oct almost 1.5 years ago galaxy far far away lol! Seriously WTF is going on I feel kickstarter needs to have deadlines or original backers that back a project a year ago should get discount or percentage back every year delayed. anyone else getting worried and considering canceling there are others coming out seem a lot more detailed on the launches. thanks


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    Hi @eg239 I know delays are frustrating. I'm a day-one Kickstarter backer, so I've been waiting as long as anyone. Getting to try it at events has certainly helped me cope with the delay. I wouldn't personally want to be refunded even a portion of my pledge. They are doing their best, and the whole point of my giving them financial assistance was to help them make the product, so that I and others could one day enjoy it. I'm impressed, given the complexity of the product, that they've managed to ship it before the consumer head-mounted displays, albeit only in small quantities between now and the end of January. As for your concern, I'm sure it will be challenging to keep up with the demand, and the reality may be that if you order an Omni there is going to be a wait involved. Holding onto your pledge/pre-order is therefore all the more important, to avoid falling to the back of the queue. There really isn't a competing product on the horizon - yes I've seen a couple talk about estimated shipping dates - but these are just as likely to be pushed back.

    Good things take time!
    Community Manager at Virtuix
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    I am pre order number 6600! So u shouldnt complain! :smile:
  • I didn't even preorder, so once you all have yours then I can get mine..
  • I asked Virtuix about what the order number they gave us meant and they basically told me that number doesn't represent our order in the shipment queue. The more accurate data is the one they will send out soon telling us when we can each individually expect our Omni to arrive. Hope that helps.
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    Thank you all for the reply. That's a bummer so the people like my self that was a kickstarter backer saying that number doesn't matter. shiiiiitttt. I know I waited so long but hopefully **** doesn't fall through. I just read about a campaign that raised like 32 million then poof disappeared with everyone elses money. Makes me nervous
  • There's two kind of orders: the Kickstarter order and the regular pre-order (placed after the Kick). Those who pledged during the Kick will have priority over those who
    pre-ordered. In other words, backers (kickstarter) will get theirs first then everyone else will get theirs.
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    I was a kickstarter backer hopefully I get it soon
  • I wouldn't worry about Virtuix going under like some other kickstarter products; they have just shipped the very first Omni to a lucky someone and in Jan. 49 more units will go out to the remaining Pathfinders (customer). After that is done, they'll go into full production to produce the rest of the Omnis for the rest of us (backer and pre-order).

    The main reason I trust Virtuix, however, is they have been very transparent about where they are in development: they give out on-the-clock monthly updates and they've been very responsive to my inquires. Moreover, they have a physical location in Texas and they have good management and advisors. I hope all of these reasons (among other things) are enough to convince you of Virtuix's worth as a credible company.
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    I have no doubts over Virtuix's ability to deliver. It's a great team and in safe hands with Jan at the head of the company. He's an extremely intelligent guy, and his passion for Active VR won't allow it to fail. There's no stopping this train!
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • Yeah, Jan's story is really an inspirational one: an immigrant from Belgium achieving the "American Dream" and becoming a successful VR trailblazer -- I agree, he won't fail us :)
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    I'm backer # 777
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    Backer number EIGHT! And yes like everyone else I'm still waiting.
  • Backer number 334. Still looking forward to it, anxiously...
  • Pre order number 8451,and that was ordered yesterday. BUT I have been wanting since day one lol
  • I'm backer number 4. I hope to see it in March in time for my Oculus Rift.
  • #2924 – I'm hoping the timing works out with the Oculus release as well.
  • Good things indeed require time . . . but Virtuix could be more forthcoming about their timing of deliveries. No all of us are close to a place where we can satiate our impatience. The last specific information I received was acknowledgement of my Kickstarter contribution on 6/13/2013 - almost 32 months ago. This was shortly after they announced that they had reached 2000 Kickstarter backers! Estimated delivery time on that confirmation was JAN 2014 - a little over 2 years and 50+ updates ago.
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    @indavidio They have been giving updates at least once a month, sometimes more. I for one am fairly pleased they have not been giving dates for things because they would be pulling those dates out of there ass' and they would never make them.

    If your looking to buy something with an exact release data than Kickstarter is NOT for you.

    i for one and very grateful that the Omni is actually going to exist and even in time, or shortly after, for the release of the first consumer HMD's!!!
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    Got to agree. I've been critical of Virtuix for a number of things, but if I have been critical of them for the release date situation, it's probably the least reasonable considering the Omni represents pioneering technology being marketed primarily to a home consumer audience. Many things have to be in place for this, and if you don't do it right the first time, you can potentially condemn the market and waste both the investment of your backers and your own time. Additionally, this product is peripheral to the HMD market, which itself has been rolling the dice with indeterminate release dates. The fact that Virtuix is ready to release their product only a few months or even half a year after the first consumer release of the product which it depends upon is nothing short of magnificent, and the timing shows unusual grace on Virtuix' part.
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    it would have been nice to have gotten it in time for the CV1 release
  • Backer 315 here,

    Anxious to finally get this.
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    Y'all are a bit earlier than I am, I had to check kickstarter to see that I was backer 1139. Until it shows up, I keep having to move my 2 cars out of the garage because there's not enough room anywhere else to setup room scale with the Vive.
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    I'm kickstarter backer #3403, making my paymet back in July of 2013, but I made a point of applying for the Omni Pathfinder program, so I was fortunate enough to fall in on the second wave of Pathfinders. Late enough that the major kinks have already been worked out, but still early enough for there to still be some minor issues that I was able to patch on my end and send feedback so that future models are improved. I've had my Omni for about 8-10 weeks now. Unless they do something amazing with the final production model, I don't think I have any regrets for jumping in early. it's definitely been nice to be able to give feedback on my experience and see those notes actually show up in the list of improvements made, and Chris has always been really sharp about touching base to make sure any problems I (and I assume other pathfinders) found get worked out.
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    I'm backer 1139, and have been enjoying the Vive for a few months now, I was an early pre-order there too. I'm looking forward to taking up less space with having the Omni, and hope most of the current VR games will adapt to work with it. If they don't ship by the end of August I'll be in Texas, so I'll see if I can stop by HQ and see it in action on my way home.
  • 614 - I've been waiting a few years and priorities in life have changed. If anyone can help me unload mine (hasn't shipped yet), I would appreciate it.
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    darkprime said:

    614 - I've been waiting a few years and priorities in life have changed. If anyone can help me unload mine (hasn't shipped yet), I would appreciate it.

    Hey DarkPrime I can help you with that mate, message me and we can set something. Up.
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    I was 3249 by the looks of it....back in July 2013...
  • I'm 1,000,000... as my pre-order was sent back into my credit card today.
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    solarVR said:

    I'm 1,000,000... as my pre-order was sent back into my credit card today.

    Somehow I doubt that as on the 20th the were doing orders in the 17534 range lol
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    Mine was close to 17800 when I pre-ordered earlier today.
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