Time for an honest update on a release scedule.

first off I love this product,or at least the thought of this product. But with all the focus being on the seed investments with no information or update on a release timeliness it's starting to feel like a Con. I know quality takes time but you could at least keep us better informed.


  • This thread again?
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    Yeah I'm still annoyed with it too. This thread keeps coming up again because it is still an issue that has yet to be resolved. No shipping schedule or even a confirmed day of when they start shipping.
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    wouldn't need these threads if there was an answer. when will shipping start? April? may? June? 2017?
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    I was told by a dev that they would move their production to china after the end of March 2016 after the release of the first Oculus Rift's and HTC Vives.
    Q2 2016 starts at the beginning of April, so my guess is that they will increase production of pre-order Omni's after they finish the kickstarter Omni's.
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    Not to mention the SDK. There was an Oculus developer on reddit before and he confirmed that there are no developers he knows of who are implementing omnidirectional treadmills. that is totally FUBAR. I honestly feel like I'm in a crazy house where so many people think you can just use an XBox controller and omni-treadmills are just for arcades. GAHH!!
  • I would just say give it time, Virtuix just doesn't seem to respond to pressure like that and to me it's kind of obvious that they would wait till after the release of the Oculus and Vive to set a release date. Maybe I haven't been waiting as long as you folks, maybe I'm just trying to make excuses for Virtuix, but I don't think it's appropriate, at this point in time, to be asking questions like "Is this a scam?" @sutekiB has his unit. We'll all be getting ours soon.
  • Also @Tomek, the omni seems to have been designed with the foreknowledge that developer interest for this specific tool would be low because of the high cost-point-entry barrier. Fortunately it doesn't matter because the way the Omni operates in non-native games is through a built-in X/Y Axis translator. This is going to be a niche product, but it's a niche product that replaces and fills in for the standard product with very few hangups because of how it seems to operate. Almost all fps games are bound to be compatible with Omni.
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    The Omni is in a beta-testing phase, and until that ends, they can't really give a precise schedule. It's frustrating, but not a con. I've been playing Fallout 4 recently, and it's great! It will be my next video and in it I will explain a bit about how I got it set up optimally and how the Omni performs in keyboard mode. I'm sure many developers would love to use the SDK when it's ready, and have an Omni they can test their content on. It's not a lack of interest that's resulting in the increased percentage of third person / point and click teleportation games, it's just that the Omni has not been released as a developer kit. Would we have first person shooters if developers only had a PC and a mouse, but no keyboard? In a way, you could say the Omni is the missing WASD component of VR games, hence the lack of first-person movement in VR games so far. That will change soon! It's the natural evolution of the medium :)
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    On that note @sutekiB do you know if Virtuix is working with any 3rd party developers to get support for the Omni into there games?
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    I love you guys at Virtuix, but... no joke, i pulled out of the seed event yesterday since I have not seen any other shipments of Omni's after CES and GDC, and that really left a sour taste in my mouth. I needed to see a few dozen more shipments taking place after CES before I dropped serious money into a seed investment... I see lots of good Omnis at the Virtuix event booths, but these seem like the same 5 units over and over. Loves you guys but I need more before I give more.. Also, I emailed Virtuix about when I might expect my preorder, placed almost 2 years ago, and have not heard back.
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    What exactly where you expecting @flamaest ? They said they have shipped out the 50 pathfinder Omni's and that the pathfinder beta is going well and on schedule to finish up at the end of the month. where you expecting a tweet every time they shipped a pathfinder Omni?

    Canceling orders, pulling money out of seed-invest and bitching on the forum will not make this go any faster.
  • Yeah but it might make him feel better, I'm not pulling my preorder,as I am as excited for this product as anyone,But a update on the progress of the pathfinder program or a getting damn close wouldn't hurt them either.
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    @Nossforra2 they Just gave an update on March 10th. i am sure they will give another one at the end of the month as usual.
  • I'm a Kickstarter backer and I've been waiting patiently and I will continue to do so. My Vive is on it's way and when the Omni is complete, and only when it's complete do I want it. That being said I think it's very clear that it will be here some time this year unless there are major mistakes made with their manufacturers. Could Virtuix do a better job communicating with their customers? Yes, but that doesn't mean they aren't working on getting this out the door, its in their best interests to see it done as soon as possible so long as the product is of high quality.
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    @Nossforra2 Update is out and it has to be the boring update so far.

    @Singularity Kickstater backer #9 here, I'm a patient man but man.... the wait is killing me (not to mention all my friends are convinced I just got scammed lol)
  • See that's my point, nothing for the people who acctully care for the product and been waiting for years,All information about the investments. Well we have invested, we've bought your product .I can't be the only one who would like a little information on the status of the product we all have invested in.
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    I saw the update and I was so disappointed. Investing? We have already invested back when you were a kickstarter. Stop focusing on that and start shipping. And yes, bitching about it on the forums not only makes me feel better but it also allows me to see that my frustration and anger is not a solitary emotion. It doesn't make me feel better when they say they are "ramping up production" and they "understand our frustration" No you do not understand my frustration because you have an omni. You didn't pay for a product then wait 3 years just to wait even more for information that should already be out. If the pathfinder program is running as smooth as is being portrayed then they should already have shipping schedules out that they can release. I should already know how many omnis they will be pushing out each month because that shouldn't be hard to figure out, a factory should be able to say confidently how much of a product they can produce within a month. Their factory should have already made it clear how many can be made per month and that information should have already been put out to us. When they hired this manufacturing company in china they would have gotten a quote saying "We produce x in x amount of time." so why are we still in the dark?
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    Well i give up. **** away. Hope it makes you all feel better.
  • If you look at the comments in the updates Jan addresses this very question, "we are finalizing our Pathfinder program, which was a great success without major hiccups. The next phase is mass market production of the Omni. We aim to announce a production schedule soon. Thank you for your patience and support. I know it's taking a long time. Best regards, Jan."

    Altho the response from this Dev is concerning: "Great news !! but i'd like to have some news about shipping date too.... it seems you forgot a lot of your backers are dev, and what is a product without games to fully support it ?
    Oculus/vive as already a lot of games for launch date, and it seems the only good experience we'll have on Omni at launch will be TraVR... ( i speak about decoupled locomotion games).
    Btw, will TraVR will be released with Vive support at launch ?
    Please forgive my impatience, but i've really think we would have receive our omni ealier..."
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    Looks like commercial release is aimed at Q3 or longer: "We’re targeting a Q3 launch date for the final version. However, that could change depending on what we find during the Beta and our own QA tests.”

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    The scariest thing is that there are no devs making serious games with the omni in mind.
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    If one did want to cancel their pre-order. How does one even do that through the website?
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    Hey guys, I know the waiting is hard. In the meantime here's my progress report: My recent tests with legacy games have been going extremely well. In all the games I have tried, both keyboard and gamepad emulation are now working flawlessly. Will have more videos for you soon. I've been refining an Xpadder profile that makes VorpX super easy to use, and I have an x360ce file that, when you run its executable in the game folder, will automatically detect what mode the Omni's in, and what combination of Cabela/Xbox gamepad you are using. You just save it, run the game, and voila - it works! I'll keep doing my part to make the end user experience as convenient as possible until you get your Omnis :)

    As for concerns that VR developers are not making Active VR type experiences - don't worry; if you were a developer and only had a mouse to work with, would you make a FPS or a point and click adventure? As soon as they get hold of an Omni, they'll see that it's more fun for them to play their own games this way than teleporting from one point to another.
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    @Sponge101 Q3!!! *jaw drops to the floor*
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    @Sponge101 @Kijutsu

    Commercial release isn't the same thing as a preorder release. If you look at Oculus, it's taking care of preorders first, and then moving on to a commercial release in April where you can just order them. There are a lot of orders to get through before they can come through with the commercial release I imagine. Anybody have any thoughts? Maybe I'm just being naive?
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    Oh, not April, July, which sets it up for-- You guessed it-- A release window in Q3, roughly parallel with the Omni.
    I'd say there is still a reason to think Q2 might have some pre-orders receiving their product.
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    This is from virtuix website. I would love to still see my omni and dont mind waiting a couple more months into Q2, but virtuix seems to be much more interested in their fund raising right now. An article online said 5000 units were sold. 5000 x 600 avg price (guessing based on my $900 purchase) = $3,000,000 tied up in this product.


    (f) After Acceptance, you may not modify or cancel your order without our prior written consent;
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    @Kijutsu. Hang in there. Let's wait for an official clarification.

    @gleamingsands. Anything I say will be just speculation so it would really be better if there's an official confirmation. I will say this though: now that Virtuix is a semi-public company (through the mini-IPO) they will have not only us customers they have to communicate to, but also public shareholders as well (not just institutional investor). That will bring certain legal obligations and as well as additional pressure on their end to deliver a successful product to the market. They're also being injected with additional capital from the IPO so hopefully that will speed things along as well. My spidey sense is telling me the possibility of a buyout as well :|

  • I don't need Spidey Senses to know that Mr. Goetgeluk would welcome a buyout. That's how entrepreneurs make money these days, startup a business and cross your fingers for a buyout after you build it high enough. Liquid capital and easy living, hell, you can even maintain your position at the company afterwards.
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