Cancelled Oculus, getting HTC Vive, now thinking about getting Omni

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After reading the reviews, I cancelled Oculus and changed to Vive. I don't mind paying a little more to get better experience. I am getting rid of Bowflex Ultimate 2 to make room for VR. I just ordered a new computer so that I can run Vive. I thought I was done until I see Omni on youtube.
However, I have not yet ordered Omni because it may take up too much room. Omni looks great. However, it seems most VR program are not written for it. My biggest concern is Vertigo. I read in a review that if the game is not written specifically for VR, the chance of vertigo increases significantly. It appears that most of games now supporting Omni are not written for VR. Can anyone convince me to get the Omni?


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    Hi @kinged, welcome to the forum! Glad you're considering an Omni. Don't hesitate, it's the future of VR!

    By vertigo, you must mean sim-sickness. Indeed you're right, some legacy games can give you that, but many others have settings you can change to reduce this. I've been playing GTA V, Fallout 4, & BioShock Infinite without problems. The main concession is that you have to come out of 'VR mode' occasionally when it does something that might make you feel unwell. Usually it's a cut-scene and only lasts a few seconds. I have this 'switch in and out' mapped to a single button on my gamepad, so it's not a big deal. You can't compare the fun of walking around one of these AAA open worlds to any other entertainment medium. It's the best, and totally worth getting. By the time you've exhausted games like these, I'm sure there will be a lot more native VR content that suits the Omni. I've only recently started uploading my Omni experiences to YouTube, but if you want to see more, you could subscribe to my channel. FYI, I'm a beta-tester, so be aware that the software I used in my earliest videos has since improved: Explore VR YouTube.
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    So no motion sickness as long as we stay away from cut scenes. It sounds great to me. What 3rd party software is needed to play?
    Is this the gun you guys use?
    How about playstation 3 move sharp shooter?

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    May I ask why you chose the Vive over the Oculus? I'm starting to feel like there's something I'm just not getting here.
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    I read a lot of reviews. The Vive allows both room scale and sit down experiences. The lighthouse tracking system is much more accurate. It also gives slightly wider field of view. But my main decision is based on motion sickness. It is something I do not want to experience. It appears to me that you are more likely to get motion sickness with Oculus than with the Vive. The room scale experience and more accurate tracking helps. That experience is available now for Vive. Oculus may eventually come out with room scale experience and the controller, but that is much later. That additional cost is also unknown for Oculus.
    I have yet read a negative review on the Vive. The choice for me is actually an easy one. You can get everything now for $200.00 more.
  • That's fair enough. I'm not privy to the information you have on motion sickness, but I understand your wish for more room scale, and I get wanting higher accuracy, a more open platform, and the controllers early. For me, I decided on the Rift awhile ago, mostly because it's the original, but more so than that, I tend to question things that offer immediate satisfaction. I just wonder if at the end of the day, when Oculus does have a higher room scale for tracking, and it's new controllers come out, what the field will look like. There can definitely be no question about one thing, the concept for the controllers is superior in the Rift, but there is definitely a self-limitation in place when you don't release the other half of your product for at least 3 months after your main product.

    Man, I hope I don't end up like a Mac or Iphone user, completely blind to the problems inherent in the platform from some choice supportive bias.
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    There'll be little difference between Rift and Vive capabilities by the time the Touch controllers come out. But Vive has the controllers now, and you should be able to get a headset earlier than the Rift if you order now. I was tempted, as my Rift isn't supposed to turn up until July, but I'm more likely to be using a joystick, steering wheel or Omni than jumping around my bedroom trying not to crash into things.

    One thing I have wondered about is that the Rift is supposed to be more breathable than the Vive, so it's presumably less likely to be affected by sweat fogging up the lenses when running from one side of Skyrim or GTAV to the other. I also wonder which one will stay on better when moving around a lot.
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    One thing I did not mention was that HTC was supposed to come out in December, but delayed due to addition of front camera which give "Chaperone" protection. That is something that Oculus does not have. That should also be taken into consideration.
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    @edmg @kinged The Constellation system is no less or more accurate than the lighthouse tracking system. However Lighthouse does over a much larger tracked area and can scale much better than the constellation system(with regards to number of devices tracked). The lighthouse system is also guaranteed to do 360 room scale tracking and games that support it. That last one is controversial and i know Palmer himself has said via twitter that 360 room-scale works. However i wont believe him until I see it in action by none Oculus people. Even if it can to 360 room-scale Oculus is not focusing on that so i question how much software will actually support it.

    I am not trying to say the Rift is not good. Its a very good system with its own set of benefits. I am sure the people that get it will be very happy with it. Those are just the reasons I decided to go with the Vive.
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    The front camera is a very nice addition. You won't have to take off the headset to see your surrounding if you are interrupted during the gameplay.

  • I need to try roomscale before I'll be sold on it clearly, because I just don't understand how most of the VR population has trended towards the HTC.
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    @hxxann5: as you say, the two big advantages of the Vive are that it can accurately track over a larger area, and track more than one headset. But those aren't really relevant to use on the Omni. Given the amount of space most gamers have available, I suspect they'll be far more useful in commercial environments than gaming.

    There was a video today of 360 degree tracking of a Rift with only one camera in a decently-sized room, and it worked fine once they put the camera high enough to see them properly. So two cameras should work better. The big question is whether the two Rift cameras can be put in opposite corners of the room, which should guarantee motion controller tracking on the Omni without occlusion. Otherwise the Vive will probably do that better.

    I should probably add that I'm wiling to buy a Vive later if it turns out to be the best solution for the Omni. I'll dedicate the Rift to simulator games, in that case.
  • Can't box yourself in, you have to be willing to change your mind or else you end up a Mac user.
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    Early review for Oculus are in. Motion sickness confirmed. One journalist states that he has to take aspirin after playing Eve Valkarie for 45 mins. Let's hope Vive do better.
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    or else you end up a Mac user.
    HA! True enough.


    I am looking foreword to the Omni more than you could know. But I am also looking foreword to games tailor made for room scale. For example I would not want to even try using Tilt Brush, Fantastic contraption or Job Simulator with the Omni. I basically want everything Sitting, standing, room scale and world scale with the Omni.
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    @xxann5 - wait, why wouldn't you want the Omni for these games? I can understand that the Omni wouldn't necessarily be NEEDED for the games, due to their built in Virtual setting, but after using the Omni, I feel that adding support for it would only allow you to have an "infinite room" even with only a 6 foot square footprint to work within instead of an entire room. In something like Tilt Brush, you could literally paint an entire city expanse.
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    those games are not designed to have an infinity sized room. Those games are also designed in a way that sometimes requiers you to bend over or even get on your knees, Something you can not do in the Omni. Again I want to point out that I think the Omni will be outstanding. I can not wait to get my Omni, I am sure i will use it allot and I sereuslly hope we start to see games supporting the advanced features of the Omni. However I don't think it is the end-all solution for every game.
  • It's a start, that's what's important.
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    @xxann5 - my point is that the issue of not being being able to kneel could be worked around with less issue than trying to get a game to work in a space too small for them. Instead of that situation completely excluding gamers, they'd just lose a small area fraction of the game experience... potentially adding a different experience to make up for it if those games choose to offer foot-based interactions with the game.

    I suppose in your personal situation, it would be better to wait until we see how support shapes up for the Omni. I got a better deal for being part of the kickstarter, but now that the price has been pretty well established at $700, there's not much point in ordering one until you can be confident that it will benefit enough of your VR experience.
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    I bought and paid for the Omni long ago. I can not wait to get it! However I don't think its a personal preference at all, you don't use a driving wheel to play a FPS, you could there is nothing stopping you but why would you want to? I just used kneeling down as an example. The same could be said for dodging, say a tennis or boxing game specifically designed for room scale that rely almost entirely on fast lateral movements. Fast lateral movements is not one of the Omni's strong points. Again I am not trying to put the Omni in a bad light I simply not trying to make it something its not. There are a tone of games I cannot wait to play with the Omni with such as Fallout 4, FarCry 3/4, Half Life 2, Elder Scroll. Some new games I would love to see supporting the Omni or even just allow "standard" motion via keyboard or controller and not use the ever so popular portal mechanic/gimmick are Vanishing Realms and The Gallery - Call of the Starseed.
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    But this isn't like using a driving wheel to play an FPS, it's like using a regular gamepad to play a Fighting game instead of a Hori arcade pad. BOTH have their advantages AND disadvantages. Yes, room scale would provide a more "natural" experience, but you're seriously underestimating how naturally you can move in an omni, and you're also seriously underestimating just how limiting room size can be. Steam VR's Chaperone system can only make you aware of the boundaries in your room, but it doesn't actually do anything to physically stop you from crashing into a wall if you trip or misplace your foot or just get too caught up in a fast paced game to notice.
    I don't know what type of room you have available to play in, but I am (and many others are, judging by screenshots and comments) already pushing the limits of space just with the Omni. There's no way I could even get room scale to work at all in my room, rendering room scale games COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE. Add Omni Support, and suddenly these games become playable, with only minor restrictions on interaction AND you get to max out the virtual space your "room scale" can have.

    For your example of boxing, you'd still be able to move around with the Omni; dodging wouldn't be any problem at all as your upper body movement isn't restricted at all, and it would actually be safer because it'd support you if you leaned back too far and lost your balance, and it would prevent you from backing up into a wall without realizing because the chaperone guides are behind you.

    If you're limited on space, you wouldn't be able to play a tennis game at all, even in a large room, you dive for the ball? Oh whoops, you crashed into a wall; you saw the chaperone guides but couldn't stop in time. I doubt that any dev would even try making a tennis game due to that incredibly likely probability. In the omni? Full size court no matter how small of a space you have (provided you have a little bit of clearance for arm motion around the omni) Your issue about lateral movements doesn't quite apply because if you've ever watched or played tennis, you'd notice that the players don't strafe. People don't strafe, they twist their body and run in the direction they need to go, which is precisely what the Omni allows you to do.
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    BOTH have their advantages AND disadvantages.
    That's exactly my point.
    I don't know what type of room you have available to play in,
    12" X 15" bigger than most. the point I am trying to make is not that everyone will be able to play full room scale, my point is that games spasificly designed for room scale will best be played in a roomscale environment.
    For your example of boxing, you'd still be able to move around with the Omni
    Correct, just like you could us a steering wheel to play a FPS. Or a controller VS keyboard and mouse. it can be done but I guarantee you i can sidestep/dodge something faster and more naturally than in the Omni. Like i said that's not one of the Omni's strong points.
    you dive for the ball? Oh whoops, you crashed into a wall;
    Well whoever does that is a fricken idiot. I wouldn't dive for a ball in real life on an actual tennis court.
    I doubt that any dev would even try making a tennis game due to that incredibly likely probability.
    Your right, would never happen.
    There's no way I could even get room scale to work at all in my room
    Sorry to hear that, The Omni will be a alternative presuming the games still support standard input types. But again my point isnt that you cant use the Omni, its that its not the best tool for every job.
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