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I think that Virtuix / fans in general should do something about the general scepticism of the Omni. I’ve seen many times on reddit and elsewhere, people downvote and be very dismissive and critical of ODTs. I personally don’t understand the criticisms. People say it’s big, heavy and impractical as a consumer product. However, for what it does, It can easily fit into most rooms if you get rid of some small stool, small table or plant. People have gym equipment at home and that is often big and heavy so perhaps comparing it to that could be a good idea.

I can’t say much about the price except again, that you are getting something incredible. It’s not a new iteration of existing tech. It’s completely new and enables you to play FPS games properly. People spend tens of thousands on cars, houses related stuff etc. This is something you could not do no matter how much money you had, even just 5 years ago. And it’s only $1k.

Still I don’t get how people aren’t excited about it. It’s like I’m in a different universe lol. Meanwhile, they talk about room-scale with so much hype. How the hell are you going to traverse through the wastelands by turning around every few steps? And if room scale can work, then surely you have enough room for an ODT.

Perhaps it’s something else entirely though. Like people being generally lazy and the idea of building up a sweat and getting tired while gaming is too hard for them.


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    Hey @Tomek, yes it's an interesting phenomenon. Humans have a long history of skepticism towards anything new, and especially anything new that they haven't tried themselves. Second and third-hand accounts only do so much - explanations seldom sway opinion. There are a number of reasons for this; mainly, people who aren't enthusiasts just don't have the will to give it much thought. A case in point; I tried conveying to a friend that a horror game in VR can be much scarier than a horror film, but he could not imagine it. He was unable to see how a small screen in front of his face could make him scared.

    Many people were skeptical about VR HMDs; but as the number of testimonials and column inches increased, the number of skeptics diminished. There are still plenty of them out there, but curiosity will get the better of them eventually. Ultimately, this changes opinion the most - perception of popularity. You're right that room-scale is generating more buzz at the moment, despite that it's much more limited compared to world-scale (which is what everyone really wants, and which you need an ODT for), but it's due to perception. More developers have access to room-scale tracking than they have to Omnis, so that's all they're able to show, or talk about. Through the resulting media coverage, this creates a perception of popularity, which leads to this notion that room-scale is what we should be excited about. We're passionate VR enthusiasts and we've given it more thought, so we realize that VR with an Omni is much, much better; but not everyone is that analytical.

    However, once developers have the Omni, and can show their content with it, the difference will be plain to see. The perception of popularity will shift again; just as it did from seated to room-scale.

    Don't worry, it's just a matter of time! :)
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  • We will be an elite class of people for some time with this hardware. The greatest consolation we have is that our peripheral works as a WASD translator.
    Still, evangelizing people will be much easier with the hardware out.
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    @sutekiB The strange thing is that it's the VR community which is so hostile towards ODTs. They should be the ones that are more receptive. Everyone I've showed think the Omni is amazing and they aren't even VR enthusiasts ("What's VR?). Maybe too expensive but amazing nonetheless. Room-scale is just a joke IMO, unless you have a warehouse.

    @gleamingsands Yeah I'm happy to be part of the fit elite. I love the fact that gaming on the Omni would do away with sloth, sitting for ages, back problems and RSI!

    I really look forward to the Omni coming out properly and converting more people to it. I'm sure it can be made drastically cheaper too.
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    I'm not sure roomscale is a joke, but I think people seriously underestimate the amount of room they'll have to find in their house to make it viable. Maybe if you have a 5,000 square foot McMansion it won't be a problem, but most of us are not going to find a 15x15 foot area that can be made available for gaming without moving furniture all the time. I guess I could set it up in my basement, but I don't fancy tripping over the cable and smashing my face into concrete with a headset on.

    And then you'll still have to 'teleport' or stand in a vehicle to travel long distances. Which are really lame mechanics compared to the games we've grown accustomed to.

    I suspect most people will be sceptical of treadmills until they can try one themselves. They also don't seem to realize that the Omni can work as a game controller for basic movement, and seem to think games will have to be specially written for it.
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    Same as VR. I've got a friend who SWEARS VR is gonna fail, he has after all tried 2 demos many months ago! People are gonna hate until, well they don't! Wish I could show them all how cool VR and the Omni is but I'm missing two very important piece (even though Oculus said March delivery and Virtuix... well %@#$ what ever, at this point I just hope to get anyway at all one day.)
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    I often reply to these comments on reddit trying to get them to see the potential though as I don't actually have an Omni I cant really tell them how great it is. My usual responce when people say its to much money or to large or ugly (though i think it looks pretty bad ass) is that you can say VR as a whole costs to much, and is to bulky and ugly. People say no one has, or will make, the room for room scale Vive experiences/games yet people are figuring out ways to do ti.

    @Tomek room scale is not a joke. You don't need as much room as you think and for things like Tilt Bush or Fantastic Contraption it will be incredible.

    @edmg 5000 square feet is not a McMansion 20000 is a Mcmansion 5k is just a big ass house.
  • edmgedmg Posts: 57

    @edmg 5000 square feet is not a McMansion
    5000 square feet is about a million bucks around here. It's not the kind of place the average person owns.
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