Movement on Omni using lighthouse/vive

How will this work with HTC Vive room-scale titles? Room-scale games will require you to physically move in space AND use teleport to get around, assuming these games don't support WASD to get around If you're running in place and your HMD isn't actually moving while in the Omni then how will the Omni software correct this and make your player character run/walk? People with Omni's would definitely have a better time in games like budget cuts where you could just walk around most of the time.


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    Depends on the game. The Omni will probably not be very good for games like Hover Junkers which is designed around room-scale whatever the size of your room actually is. Other games such as The Gallery (which i think was even demoed on the Omni at one point) will have a teleport feature as well as standard SWAD/Game Pad input. At least last i read they will.

    I am really hoping that Virtuix is reaching out to Dev's and game studios to get full Omni support into there games. If not HINT! HINT! ;)
  • I got this response from someone on Youtube who makes a lot of VR vids, "The Omni essentially outputs a simple analogue signal like the analogue button on a controller. There should be no issues using the Omni with a Lighthouse tracking solution."
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    The Omni can emulate keyboard or game-pad output, which was VERY smart of Virtuix to do. However if the game supports the Omni directly you get some advanced features such as decoupled walking and looking.
  • I really hope we can still do decoupled walking and looking even without omni support via hacks.
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    Would be nice to hack decoupled movement into existing games, but few will support it because their game engine keeps the player's body pointing in the direction they're looking. Hopefully the next generation of game will support it so they can handle motion controller input.
  • Is the decoupled movement just dependent on the game programming? They showcased Vive with it in a video, but would the rift be able to as well?
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    Welcome to the forum @wickedManatee! Yes, you can have decoupled with the Rift as well. In fact I've used it with the DK2, and it would be even better with the consumer version.
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  • Thanks sutekiB! For the welcome and answer :)

    I assume I may be more active in the future as I have come to be interested in Unity VR development.
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