There's a place in a town nearby mine which I think would be an ideal location for an arcade; where gamers could game and lounge around, critique each others technique and promote the Virtuix Omni, as well as be a place to purchase such a unit as well as all of the required essentials. Once equipment is purchased those who have taken the steps in the new era of gaming can verse those at the arcade as well as others who have purchased gear as well. Twitch streams can promote the idea of the new arcade and being that there'll inevitably be top skill players attracted to the game caves, tournaments and sponsors can be utilized in monthly competitions to find the highest ranking players in the league. I'd also like, and think it'd be wise, if the centers were to be places of education as well; were 3d modeling can be taught and game maps built to further expand playable levels within the game. I work at an architectural and engineering facility that specializes in historical renovation and by this I've picked up the general idea of repurposing and building renovation, more or less, and would like to help the cause if you'd like me to do so. There're a few other buildings in the area that I've been looking at and all are without occupants; I can take photos of those as well as render potential new facades with location specific names and interior building floor plans if requested. Looking forward to your thoughts.


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    I would love for the Arcade to make a comeback in the US (they never left Japan).

    Thats a really good idea about having it be a learning center as well. A place for people to learn, even have school field trips "go" there to actually go to the place they are learning about, by day and by evening/night its an arcade.

    I am about as far from a entrepreneur as you can get so i have no idea if its feasible, but i would love to see it done and succeed.
  • I think the learning center and the arcade could coexist happily. There's only going to be so many Omni's available and it could be inventivised where moders get credits the more they craft and each arcade could build their own levels, which essentially means home team advantage for those creating it. I would like to see it succeed as well.
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    Arcades only died because they attempted to compete with the home userbase. What Arcades should have been doing is getting the games that you can't reasonably play at home due to the equipment.
    Arcades should have:
    DDR Machine - It's not like you can't get this at home, but buying both pads is a hefty investment, plus half the experience lies in showboating in front of other customers and getting random challenges.
    Full Force Feedback Driving system - The one where the entire seat has a fixed set of 3 screens and the whole thing is on pistons that shifts you to simulate acceleration/deceleration.
    Air Hockey Table - I saw one while visiting the Philippines that actually dropped multiple pucks so that you had to field around 3 of them at the same time. Obviously this should be an option that can be selected. Some people just want to play a regular game of air hockey.
    Laser Tag - It's laser tag, what more do you want? Padded floors as well as a modular design to allow the room to easily be rearranged so it's not the same run every time.
    Pinball games - just 1 or 2.
    Standalone Vive setup for Room scale games.
    Oculus Rift for games specific to Oculus (and so people can see the difference that the resolution/framerate makes
    Double Omni + Vive setup - gotta be able to do local coop, head to head, and/or versus.

    I like @The_Cartographer 's idea of people being able to design their own levels, where favorite levels will earn a person credits each time a paying user picks it for playing on.

    I'd also like to have a research area that studies different people's reactions to VR, how it affects them physically as well as psychologically. Create VR scenarios where physics don't work the same, then after they've been playing for a while give them a similar setup to do in real life and see if they have difficulties due to expecting physics to work the same as in VR.
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