Got my Vive. My wildest expectations where blown away!

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VR really is incredible. Best experience so far is Budget Cuts. Its by far the most presence inducing game/demo I have played. For example....
  • Put the controllers down on a "table" that don't actually exist. AND I KEEP DOING IT! I have done it like 5 times now, LOL. Thankfully I always where the wrist straps.
  • Almost fell over twice trying to lean on something that does not exist. Once was a wall and one was a table. I almost eat the floor leaning over the table.
  • I subconsciously walk around things and step over things that don't actually exist.
  • I literally ran into a wall (more on this latter)
Its absolutely fricking amazing!!! Room Scale is incredible! However where it really shines is when the play area in game matches or is smaller than you real physical space. Shooting galleries are fun, little tennis game is fun. Fantastic contraption is fun. However none of them are presence inducing and I have already grown tired of most of them. Budget Cuts on the other hand makes me want to buy a warehouse to play VR in.

I was peering around a corner stalking a robot in budget cuts. I heard a noise behind me, i turned around to see a robot point a gun at me. I lost my **** and before i knew it i jump backwards and to my left around the corner I was looking around and BAM! shoulder right into my real world wall. I then got shot, LOL.

TL;DR: VR is AWESOME, I want my Omni because I am pretty sure it will make it AWESOMER!

My experience was not without its problems.
  • The Vive setup was not particular hard but it was not exactly easy ether.
  • Tracking losses its **** every now and then. Not very often but on occasion the controllers and even more infrequently the HMD goes flying of into space. Stopping and waiting a second for the tracking to calm the **** down fixes it but its still annoying. I will be tweaking my lighthouse setup to see if that helps. I am also sure that future updates will handle falling back to the IMU's better.
  • The cables coming out of the HMD are ANNOYING! like really really annoying. I will not be buy another HMD, regardless of any other improvements, if its not wireless.


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    Congrats and glad to hear VR is living up to your expectation. How's your PC holding up btw; does it need to be upgraded?
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    Thanks! I have been upgrading parts of my PC over the past 6 months or so. Went from and old ass Athlon something or another and a GTX 660 to...

    MSI Z170 Gaming 5 Motherboard
    Intel i7 6700K <-- currently stock speed. I see no need to overclock it for gaming.
    16G of HyperX Savage 3200 DDR4
    EVGA 980ti Classified <-- that thing is awesome stock overclock is just over 1500Mhz!
    Samsung 950 Pro for my boot drive and a couple 850 Pro's in raid 0 for the games.

    So yes all is running fine :)
  • Congratulations! I'll have to check out Budget Cuts. It sounds intense.
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    Niiiiiiiice. The biggest difference between our systems is the ram. I read that low cas ram made a big FPS impact in Fallout 4 and that's why I chose the lowest cas, highest speed ram I could find. I'll test it soon to see if there's any improvement.

    I thought you were planning on hooking the wire to the ceiling.
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    Ram actually has zero FPS impact. DDR3 running at 800mhz with supper high cas, like 20, compared to DDR4 at 3200 with a cas of 6 will provide no difference in FPS. Even synthetic benchmarks wont see that much of an improvement. In reality for gaming the slowest ram speed is still orders of magnitude faster then the actual bottleneck of the PC for gaming, in my case its the GPU. With Pascal or Voltar the bottleneck may become the CPU, with a faster CPU, the next bottleneck would probably be the PCIe bus, Once NVLink comes out with a bus between the GPU's and CPU's then we might see RAM speed's and CAS latency be the bottleneck. Though i would say early 2020's for NVLink to be built into consumer CPU's as that's an architecture change.

    I was ging to but that will require me to re-organize my room's. I am in the middle of it, should be done in a few months. Then i will be able to have enough slack to hang it from the ceiling. Hopefully it will be an improvement.

    Ya @KellCam_Virtuix Its not too often you turn around and see a 6 foot tall robot pointing a gun in your face! lol.
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    Yeah, that's what I thought about ram too until I read that Fallout 4 article by digital foundry; don't know what happened with development there.

    I liked the "fun in your face" better :*
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    @xxann5 - What I find interesting about this (and that Virtuix should be jumping on like a rapid dog) is that every single issue you raised, minus the controller drop issue, are all addressed if you are in an Omni and the game is designed to support it.

    - support ring prevents you from falling over
    - no chance of running into a wall
    - since you're stationary, tracking has much less work to do and really only needs to focus on the controllers
    - cables can be strung up to the ceiling and wont get in your way (incorporating some sort of swivel connector here would get rid of the minor tangling issue entirely)
  • This is great to know. I want to purchase this for myself when I'm back home. Thank you for your review this gives me high hopes to truly enjoy myself
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    @Crtic_ActivelyGaming I was playing Fated on the Vive earlier (would benefit hugely from the Omni's SDK). I was in a pretty, sunny meadow hanging out with some Celts (or Vikings, not quite sure). It was lovely. Then I took the Vive off and found myself in a dull UK bedroom. Yes, you will enjoy yourself :)
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