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I've been a long time lurker on this website, and I think the concept of Virtuix's Omni is revolutionary, and I cannot wait to buy and play mine with new Vibe that Valve and HTC have out.

I am building a website around an Idea I've been kicking around an idea I believe fits well. I am looking for advice, and what people think about my idea below is my idea

I want to create an outlet for people who want to change themselves, and have fun while they do it. My goal is to get people moving, I plan on doing this while playing Computer, and PlayStation 4 games using VR technology such as HTC's VIBE, and virtuix Omni together. I also plan on showing people how to exercise during gaming intermissions if they do not own the VR tech. I want to teach people how to eat healthy without feeling like they have to punish themselves to feel better. I want to build a community where we share ideas and share our unique personal goals.

I believe this has the potential to become a new an exciting hobby for Videogame enthusiasts all over the world. We no longer have to be a slave to our computer chairs, or couches we can spend some time upright burning calories, all while doing what we love.

I want to cater to the casual and hardcore gamer, and not just people who can afford all the latest and greatest technology. I want to play with my audience and learn from them as well. I do not want to be only content contributor, and want to bring people from different walks of life together.


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    Welcome to the forum! It's a great idea @Crtic_ActivelyGaming. Making an attractive website is quite easy, and relatively affordable nowadays. You can maintain a blog and embed other people's YouTube videos on your site, send out newsletters, etc; so everything you describe can be accomplished. You should check out You can experiment with the free service (has a watermark) and then when you're happy with it and ready to publish, you can get a proper URL, email address, etc, and publish it. Sounds like it could be fun. Good luck!
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  • @sutekiB Thank you for the information and well wishing. I do already have a website I just work 12 hours a day 7 days a week right now, and it's somewhat difficult to find the time to learn. I will check out the website, and see what it has thank you I am finding this place to be hospitable. :)
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