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I'm planning a demonstration for a tradeshow in June 2016. I'd rater not purchase for a single use, does anyone know where I can rent this set-up in Las Vegas?


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    You may want to rethink your plans pretty soon. You're talking about an event that is only a month away, and last I heard the only models that are actually playable are the pathfinder models sent out for beta testing. The final design is still in the process of being tweaked, and it might not be until after July that we see the Consumer version getting shipped out to the initial kickstarter funders.

    My suggestion is to contact Virtuix directly through email, and provide them with an invitation and space to set up a demo booth. Offering to compensate for travel/shipping/booth space would be extra good incentives likely to result in a successful negotiation. This would give you the added benefit that they could bring their own computers and VR gear for the demo and be experienced hands at helping people try out the equipment safely. If you aren't willing to go for that, then the only other course I can see would go something like this:

    1) Contact the devs and ask super nicely if there are any members of the current pathfinder program, near the Las Vegas area (probably will not work because most people don't want contact information shared with 3rd parties)
    2) Ask Virtuix's legal team to send you a copy of the NDA that all pathfinder members have to sign, and therefor that all people who would be trying it out at the tradeshow would need to sign. (most people wanting to demo might find this annoying)
    3) Get in touch with any local pathfinders to see who (if any) would be willing to bring their current model over to your location, likely requiring a fair amount of compensation for transportation and shipping costs, as well as for the funds lost if they need to schedule off time from work. (probably expensive, and really difficult to work out anything reliable)
    4) Contact Virtuix again to see if they would be willing to ship you a full range of shoes and harnesses, since there are 3 sizes of harnesses, and somewhere around 10-15 different shoe sizes, probably requiring more compensation. (I have no idea what you'd do with all those shoes and harnesses after the demo)
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    @Lbuffo Welcome to the forum! I hate to say it but, I'm afraid it's very unlikely you'd secure the use of an Omni for any event in June. I expect it's the sort of the thing that will happen a lot after they've launched the consumer version, but right now they're gearing up for that, and I'm sure everyone is focused on getting that right. Preparing a VR booth for public use takes quite a bit of preparation, and I doubt you'd be allowed to use a Pathfinder version for that purpose without onsite supervision from someone at the company. I suggest you wait until the consumer launch has concluded and then look into this.
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