AltspaceVR Debuts Key Tech to Massively Scale Virtual Event

New tech for AltspaceVR could allow for large-scale VR events.

I see this as huge news. One of my favorite things in VR is sharing in-game experiences with others. We've had a couple Pathfinders try AltspaceVR with the Omni and they loved it. We'll try and make a video soon.

Thoughts? Have you tried AltspaceVR?


  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    Never, but I did try PlayStation Home and I think the concept is similar here: get together with other people to mingle or maybe do business. I never really paid attention to this aspect of VR but I'll try it with the Omni because that to me seems like the most immersive approach to this.
  • That's true, I was fan of PS Home, but not a fan of the load times when visiting new areas. Being able to walk around in that universe would be very cool though.
  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
    I'll check it out. I've been trying to find pretty much any free app for VR that will work with Oculus. I just can't justify the expense of a lot of these VR games when they don't even have a demo to give me an idea what I'd be getting into.
  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
    My first impressions of it have been pretty good. At the very least it is an essential VR experience to try out, as interacting with other people adds an entirely ADDITIONAL layer of reality and immersion. I haven't worried about getting the Omni working with it just yet, but the amount of technical inclusion is something all VR apps should aspire towards. Practically every interface that can be used to interact with a virtual environment is included in some manner. (though not all of them actually interact with objects, most of that is done via xbox controller or Vive controllers.

    So far, I've played Frisbee Golf, Air Hockey, Connect 4, and even Cards Against Humanity (this one needed to be started by a dev, but hopefully it will get generic support, it's really fun when you can talk while you're picking cards) against random people, got lost in a giant Hedge Maze type maze. I instigated an entire group of people to figure out how to climb the trees, then an admin enabled me to use my hand gestures to paint lines all over the room (only I could see it though) I started an impromptu game of rock paper scissors (which wasn't an app, we just used the hand gestures) there was an entire group of people ready to watch the SpaceX launch live, but it got pushed back. Now we're all waiting to watch Reggie Watts, who will be using a full body tracking deal (I forget the name of the tech) in order to control his avatar. VIP members have access to a room in which Reggie will actually be able to see them as well, the rest of us just get to pretend we're in the same room.

    @KellCam_Virtuix - The loading times are very minor for most area transitions, though they also aren't very complex, and the most people I've seen in a single area is around 30-40.

    The nice thing about it is that you basically already have a filter on the people who you are ever going to be interacting with. Everyone there is sure to be someone who shares a similar interest in VR tech and the possibilities that it holds, though the Samsung Gear VR people tend to be a little more on the "casual interest" side of things, whereas your enthusiasts tend to be Vive and Oculus.

    @Sponge101 - You might want to try it without the Omni first. The Xbox controller (or vive) is usually plenty for the types of interactions, and from what one of the devs mentioned, the microphone tends to pick up the noise that you make on the omni, so EVERYONE hears you walking around. I'd still say it's a worthwhile venture even without the Omni. The site for AltVR lists a lot of requirements like a Netflix account, silverlight, and a Twitch account, but I think that is for the more advanced features. Masic stuff like watching youtube streams or videos or playing the apps seems to be possible with just the base AltVR app.
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    @GreyAcumen. Good point. I didn't think about that. But I just assumed that from never actually using it that there would be a default mute until you decide to press a button and communicate with other people who then can hear you; at that point you would have stopped walking on the Omni.
  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
    instead of a straight mute button, they have an on screen hud button for muting. It's not always convenient to get to every time you want to talk vs walking. It might be a good suggestion though.
  • I've tried Altspace VR. It's awesome, the people drawn to it are awesome, and I played Cards Against Humanity there and loved it. That being said, it could be better, and will be better.
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