VR Body Suit

VR Body Suits. To actually feel the pain or the sense of being touched. Being scratched by a dog.
Is Virtuix Omni planning to create something like a VR Body Suit?
I came across Agraig and tesla suit who are starting to do these things.


  • It's an interesting idea, but not €2000-interesting. Who would pay so much just to have a suit that gives them a little poke? That's insane! Plus no developer in their right mind is going to dedicate time to learning and using the SDK just for the hundred or so bored rich people who bought one. On top of it all, the suit doesn't even seem to cover your hands, which is the one place you'd actually want some haptic feedback. This has to be one of the least necessary products in the world.
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    @JacobVR I am sure there are no gloves because other manufacturers are creating VR gloves. This means there will be consumer choice in regards to which gloves they buy, out of preference. I am sure most VR gloves will have touch sense also, like some pulses for feeling.
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    A VR suit should have diverse uses/sensory capability -feel hot or cold(a sunset against your face/body or cool wind) , wind, rain, massage etc then with massage it has more applications. I think Ultrasound, infrared emitters and EMS tech built into the suit may cover most of what's needed but each node of each should likely be so small and abundant to provide full resolution or close to it. There are already simple Haptic devices for your chest.. as an example http://korfx.com/ this would satisfy most "gamers" but not for others using VR as therapy or full sensory experience. I learned of a suit years ago when the movie Lawn Mower Man first came out, a VR suit did exist and at that time it was approximately $36,000. I don't know the full extent of the Tesla suit's capabilities but if it produced full body resolution with all the sensory capabilities I listed above then I would be interested (@ 2k at the most) if there were not games/simulations already available to use with it other wise if there was we would be stepping into bigger fantasy like experiences brought to us from the movie "Total Recall" -the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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    Am I really the only guy who thinks the suit is a nonsensical idea? No one wants a suit that actually makes you feel pain, except those few that do, which isn't necessarily healthy, or those that THINK they do but would only be in for a very rough wakeup call, and the differences in what level of pain people are willing to say is "too much" vary too widely to be able to make anything that your average person could consider safe.
    The closest compromise would be a suit that rumbles and buzzes in ROUGHLY the areas you get hit in the game, but that's a crap ton of motors to be worn all over your body, and either it will be ridiculously heavy and cumbersome, or the motors will be too small to really be felt properly, unless you wear the suit immediately against your skin, which will require constant washing if you want to play with any regularity (don't forget how much harder you'll be sweating when you actually have to run as much as your character does)
    Of course, if you're wearing the suit immediately against your skin, you could put in a few electro zap pulses like what those goofy exercise belts do, but despite what sales pitches and commercials would have you believe, this actually don't feel like much of anything if you have even a little bit of body fat in the way, and usually requires a water based gel to cover all the various electrodes.

    This is just one of those things that is doomed to never have an actual future, not because it's not technically feasible to do, but because even dedicated fans of the concept will decide it's not worth the inconvenience to do after trying it for a month, if they even bother to get to the point where they try it at all, which means that there will never be enough of an audience for any developer to justify the effort of programming any DECENT game with support for it.
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    Well I agree with you @GreyAcumen, I'm not a fan of pain either. I thought the whole point was to avoid it? Due to circumstances beyond my control, I once missed a rendezvous with a group of friends with whom I'd arranged to play paint pall. When I saw the nasty welts on their skin afterwards, I was glad I didn't make it! But you know what? They looked like they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Indeed, I'm not sure I'd ever seen them so happy and invigorated. How much of that could be attributed to the fresh air, sunshine, play, and exercise, and how much to the endorphins released to cope will all the pain they inflicted on each other, is hard to say.

    I do believe there are certain games that would be enhanced by pain. DayZ for example. This is a game that makes you feel alive by tapping into your survival instincts. It fills you with trepidation. I have slunk between trees and rocks, wending my way from resource to resource, often under the cover of night, praying I will locate another gillie suit - all because I know the moment I step out into the open, I will likely be shot down - killed by one shot usually to the head.

    I felt this need for caution even without the prospect of a moment's shock and pain. How much more powerful would the fear be, if pain accompanied the sniper's bullet? As my fear of death increases, would my enjoyment and appreciation of simply being alive increase with it? Virtual Reality is an emotion amplifier, and I now look to haptics to take my experience to another level, just as the Vive and the Omni have done.
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