Shipping & German Customs


I’m an early bird Backer from the first hour and can’t wait to have the Omni here. With the last Update I hope that the end is near. But now I have some questions about the shipping and the customs.

You wrote that 35 Omnis go to early Backers in the US and you aim a production of 500 Units in July and 1000 in August. Can I as an early Bird Backer from Germany (sorry for the English), expect my Omni in the first line, or have I wait longer?

I paid 349$ for the Omni but when I look in “My Account” on is see 699$. When the 699$ are on the bill when you ship the Omnis, what are the German customs do? Do they charge the custom duties for 699$? That would be bad…

I saw the video from @OlivierJT (thanks for that!) and from the beginning of the Kickstart campaign I thought about moveable arms. Is it possible to don’t lock the side arms while using the Omni? Are you able to crouch more natural then?

Can’t wait for the Omni and keep up the good work!


  • Hi @h3ndriks! We're still determining our shipping logistics and will have an update soon. Information on taxes and VATs will be included in a future e-mail as well.

    For the "side arms" there will be gas springs in the final design of the Omni and they will need to be locked for safety reasons. Crouching in-game will be done with a button press.
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