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Disclaimer: First of all I'm not saying you should or should not invest--This is solely my opinion and my belief about the idea of investing in Virtuix as a company. You will have to decide for yourself if investing is right for you and your personal financial situation.

For those who don't know a few days ago the public for the first time was able to invest in Virtuix via; this is possible because of new investing laws. I, myself, would have undoubtedly invested but unfortunately can't because of potential conflict with federal and state financial aid. However, the reason why I want to invest is simple: I believe in Virtuix. When I see their product I get excited for the possibilities it holds: get off the chair and explore the virtual world. No other product has been this exciting for me and that include the HMDs.

I am not ignorant of the fact there has been some major problems. All the delays and missed estimates are negatively affecting the community and there are many here on the forum who have expressed (very clearly) their opinions about it. In time I hope Virtuix would in some way reward those who have endured the long wait.

Just a side note: Virtuix was recently on Mad Money and the one and only Jim Cramer got a chance to try the Omni. I watched the show years ago and that's how I got interested in investing. It was great to see my two passions VR and investing in one show :) Booyah!


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    Here's a better quality version of Omni on Mad Money:
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    I was going to invest but I thought I already invested - I bought several units that will be helping Virtuix and I believe could make more money using it with my business plan. I haven't received my units yet waiting upon several expected shipping dates over the years so this is one reason why I don't yet. For me Viirtuix must fulfill the shipping first.. I'm concerned how I might be treated after I've invested.
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    I just don't have teh cash on hand to be able to afford the $1000 minimum needed to invest right now. Hopefully I'll still be able to by the time I save up enough.
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    I find it strange you guys dont have a Arma series video. I mean, Arma is the only FPS that has a full skeleton avatar with INDEPENDENT gun and view model. As in, you can look to the left while shooting forwards. This because it already uses Track IR (headtracking seen in flight sims etc) for first person stuff. What sucks about other games is the "nose gun" issue. In real life you use your hands to push buttons, not your "nose".
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    How many preexcisting shares are they? i would like to know how much of the company you actually get for investing. I just calculated that 2082412 shares has been sold via seedinvest.
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    @sebastian. "Up to 6,432,247 SHARES OF SERIES A PREFERRED STOCK CONVERTIBLE INTO COMMON STOCK" -- you can download the full disclosure document/pdf near the bottom from the seedinvest link above; it's under the "Virtuix's Offering Circular". It's 165 pages so get yourself a cup of coffee. I haven't read it because I'm not investing (just a customer) but I assume there's no restriction on future funding round and/or increase shares being issued. Not sure if there's a first right of refusal offered either.
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    This is interesting: Jan was on yesterday Dealflow webcast and when the presentation got to this slide he disclosed some very useful information if you're planning on investing. First is about Virtualizer and the Kat Walk--the former has apparently ran out of money and the latter is facing significant production delays. Second point is two major patents have been issued for Virtuix (out of 12) by the US patent office and that "One of these competitors is already likely infringing on one of our claims." Always thought this was the case but nice to have confirmation. Link to the full webcast below:
    7.png 865.7K
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    I'm thinking the patent infringement is the Concave dish of the Kat. That has always looked to me like they lifted the dish right out of the production line. I'd actually like the Kat better, but they would need to have a set of ports in the arm to let you connect the HMD with a passthrough, so that it cord wont wrap around. Also that giant support post would need to be farther away. If you swing your arm out you could wind up doing some really bad damage both to it and your arm and/or controller. The harness might also have been cribbed from Omni.
    The other advantage that the Omni has over the competition is the lack of moving parts. Mechanical wear of the type that you'd get with these models could wind up breaking very easily. The treads on the shoes of the Omni are going to wear out eventually, but that's going to be a slow controlled failure with a fairly straight forward and easy replacement to resolve the situation. The Virtualizer and the Kat are set up in a way that if (and likely when) they break, they may do damage to the surroundings, or even the player in the process, and they'll need to do some actual mechanical work to be able to fix them. Or they'll need to ship them back to the company to be fixed, which is going to be massively expensive.
    The virtualizer is most likely to have the support springs break (if the player loses their balance or leans too far to one side and creates torque and doesn't distribute weight evenly along all 3 arms) and the Kat is most likely to have that single arm bar itself snap at the pivot hinge. Both cases would likely have the player taking a bad tumble in an area that they can't see due to wearing the headset, and might even result in some nasty sharp edges, or just generally prevent the player from falling down safely.
    The Omni does have the two support arms, which are the most likely point that the Omni would fail at, but they never move (which drastically reduces their chances of breaking) and their shape and angle basically makes it most likely to break only if the player is leaning all their weight in the "forward" direction. The thickness and weight of the arms suggest that they are heavily over-engineered to prevent this though.
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    I thought it was the low-friction surface bowl too but we can't know for sure unless there's an infringement news headline or reading what the actual patent that has been issued; I believe Jan said it was a "major application patent," so it could be the dish or something else--I really don't want to read through the US patent database, it's a mess in there.

    As far as integrity, I agree the Omni seems to be the most durable; it has to be to meet consumer safety requirements.
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    Nice I wanted to watch that, thanks @Sponge101

    I still think KAT VR price at $799 is a complete pipe dream. Just look at the amount of materials. Not to mention the complexity of it. Though the last i heard they where only going to sell it in china at least to begin with. which is a big slap in the face to anyone outside of china that put in for the kickstarter. Will they get any support from them?
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    @xxann5. Really? If Kat decided to do that then maybe it has something to do with the possibility of the patent infringement; I believe jurisdiction and enforcement extend only in the US and not China. I could be wrong. Forget support, the Kick backers should have the option to get their money back as easily as possible. Both the Virtualizer and Kat Kick updates are "backers only" so I haven't been able to know what's been going on with them lately; their updates have been sparse, though.

    The presentation was pretty cool. We learned that there's the possibility of an upcoming Omni-bundle and a lighter, more inexpensive to produce Omni in the future.
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    Well I mean take it with a grain of salt but...

    If it's on reddit it *MUST* be true!!!! LOL

    ya the kickstarter updates being backer only makes me think there trying to hide something.
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    That to me is a major red flag. Say what you will about the delays, Virtuix has always been transparent about it. The second a Kick project goes quiet and secret, take you're money out as fast as possible.

    People on that reddit want a lot and to do all of that not only will the Omni need to be upgraded but the cost will skyrocket as well. I remember Jan talking about a possible "Omni Pro" a long time ago that might have complete freedom.
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    I would love to see an "Omni Pro"!
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