Fallout 4 Survival mode!

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I somehow missed this and just found out about it.

Among many other things there is no fast travel! I will be playing this with the Omni!


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    Full-on realistic mode, huh? I remember a similar mode in New Vegas/Fallout 3, I think it was called "hardcore mode" back then. Never tried it because I was too busy moding--and I'm a baby :'(

    Speaking of Fallout 4, I've been reading about Vorpx Geometry 3D and how it hits the fps of Fallout 4 really hard. How's your 980 ti and 6700k holding up in doors and outdoors? Are the fps at least around 50?
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    I played New Vagas in hardcore mode it was not that bad, you just had to manage more things. Fallout 4 survival mode sounds absolutely bruttal, I CANT WAIT! lol

    My EVGA 980ti classified OC's to just over 1500MHz. I get about 120 to 150 FPS on ultra settings. I have not actually checked the FPS with Vorpx in geometry mode I will do so tonight and let you know. I know i have not see any noticeable frame rate issues playing it. though i have spent less than an hour in it as i am waiting for my Omni

  • I got the full 60 fps when I tried it. Full settings not withstanding, it still made me violently sick. I apparently should have never touched the right thumb stick, or at least disabled up to down motion. It was one of the most disembodying experiences of my entire life, and I hated it. That's what left a bad taste in my mouth with VorpX, and I've only tried it on Skyrim tentatively since, with results that were better, but prejudiced by my earlier experience with the effects of using a thumbstick to literally rip my eyes out of my head. Terrible. If ANYONE has some suggested settings to terminate the process with, please include them here.
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    O god no! Never use anything but head tracking to move your point of view around, the only motion the controller should be doing is moving your character around, NOT where your char is looking. Leave that to the HMD tracking. I feel a slight discomfort moving around but its more than manageable and hopfully the Omni will prevent it all together.

    I posted the following to reddit a few weeks ago, jsut some tips for Vorpx it may help.

    If the game does not support 3D Reconstruction set to geometry its not worth playing there is almost zero 3D without it. I also turn down the 3D Separation a bit for Fallout I think I currently have it set to .6 if i recall, otherwise everything screams LOOK I'M 3-****-D!!!!!. I also turn the Image zoom down a bit I think .8. Head tracking sensitivity I think I have at 0.68 I test this by turning my head all the way to the right and then moving it all the way to the left. it should "feel" correct, basically 180-ish degrees of moment. I like my mouse inverted so I then invert the X access for head tracking in VorpX so it then un-inverts my head movement but my mouse is still inverted.
    Those are all in the Vorpx menu, The pain is to configure things in the game. For F4 I set the resolution to something much higher than the standard resolution. I forget the exact numbers but i think its 2K-ish. This helps a bit with aliasing if you rig can handle it, though i had to set up a custom resolution in windows. I have also set the FOV to 120, this is VERY important as it dictates scale. Tweak it up and down a bit until things look the size they should, a little goes a long way. I also equalized the mouse x and y movement speeds to match this helps with sim sickness. I did all this by following this post.

    For control's I am using xpadder and an xbox controler. It takes a bit to get everything mapped out but its well worth it,I will leave it at that.

    All said and done it took me about 2 hours messing with things before I was happy with it. It was the first game I tried with VorpX. Other games have taken me much less time to configure as I now know what I am doing.
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    @xxann5. Cool. Thanks. I completely understand wanting to play Fallout with the Omni--I won't even click on its icon until my Omni comes and it's my favorite game series ever too so the wait is quite hard. According to Ralf (Vorpx creator) the fps hit going to g3d is ~50% if I remember right. Hard but your pc sounds do-able. The result is said to be great:

    @gleamingsands. Sounds pretty bad. xxann5 gave me this link that might help to make the experience better for you:
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    Ya fallout is one of my favorite series ever!
    According to Ralf (Vorpx creator) the fps hit going to g3d is ~50%
    Makes sense, its basically rendering the seen twice.
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    HOLLY ****!!!

    Official Bathesda support for Fallout 4 with the Vive!!!

    Unfortunately its a 2017 release but at least its happening.

    Now we just need Omni support, Get on that Virtuix team!!! :smile:

    Edit: youtube link if you like that better
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    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the first AAA team to announce they are bringing one of their open world franchises to VR? If it is, we should mark this day in our diaries, as it's a huge turning point.
    we think that the greatest promise of VR is its ability to immerse players completely into virtual worlds, and that the best games for that experience will be first-person open-world RPGs
    ^ These may one day be regarded as the most important words spoken by anyone in the history of AAA game development.
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    I am pretty sure you are correct. This is the first AAA game dev to announce an actual AAA game for VR, not just an experience or demo. Not only that but its one of the biggest AAA game franchises that exists. This is HUGE!

    that quote gives me goosebumps.
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    I really hope the Virtuix team can convince Bethesda to add Omni support. Not only would that be believably awesome but it would be a huge boon for the Omni.
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    Additionally, my left hand also let me move around the environment. When I pointed it at the ground, a blue teleportation node appeared with an arced stream through the air designating where I’d appear next. It worked a lot like The Gallery’s “Blink” movement system in practice. When I asked a Bethesda representative if this was the final version of the movement system, they refused to comment, but my gut is telling me no.
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