Anti Theft?

So, I have ordered a virtuix omni. Problem is, it is super expensive and valuable. I fear that if it becomes common knowledge that I have something this good, somebody will try to jack it while I'm away. I was thinking that if you added a GPS feature to it wired to the main power cord that is not removable, it would solve this problem. That way if somebody steals my omni, I can track it down and call the cops.


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    I think it would be easier to just have Virtuix keep the mac addresses on file, so that if it gets reported as stolen, they can just have their omni connect program keep an eye out for that mac address to be used, and then either refuse to work with a mac address that has been reported stolen, or just let it be tracked and send basic ip information that can be backtraced for location.

    Still, that would take a huge amount of effort to steal. Either they'd have to disassemble it, or they'd have to have some guys ready for some heavy lifting. I don't see how it's any worse of a risk than having a big screen TV. (which at $700-$800, it's really not as expensive as all that) The computer you'd need to have to run the Oculus/Vive to use it with would be worth more, and less effort to take.
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    So they do have some sort of anti theft protection? Any kind is good enough as long as it works.
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    I have no idea what kind of protection they do or don't have. I'm just saying what could be plausibly done with the existing tech.
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    MAC Address? How would the Omni have a mac address? Its not a network card.

    As for someone stealing your Omni... Do you not own anything else of value? I am assuming you have a VR capable PC, that's at least as much as an Omni. Not to mention the Vive or the Rift that you need.

    I think your asking the wrong question @blokmasta , your question should be how am I going to afford to and where can i move to where I don't have to worry about people stealing my stuff every time i go to take a ****. That would be my first concern.
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    @xxann5 - sorry, not mac address, but from everything that Omni Connect shows, the Omni itself does have a unique identifier number. That should be useable to track down a stolen Omni, provided it ever gets used later.
    As it is right now, it would be a really stupid thing to steal, as it's too large to sell covertly, to unique to sell among other similar sales, and the harness/shoe sizing issue makes it limited for who they could sell it off to even if they could find a way to do it safely.
    It's far more likely to have the computer you use to run VR games stolen along with the Vive and/or Rift than for anyone to bother with the Omni.
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    Doesn't it weigh about 200lbs? You'd have to be crazy to try to steal that.
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    Well, it could happen. Like, nobody has one. Everyone has an HD TV or a computer. Nobody has the matrix. Somebody might want one really bad... like, bad enough to steal it while I'm out perhaps. Plus my computer is disguised as a shitty computer so nobody would think it was worth taking. Oculus rifts can be hidden under things, but an omni is right there for the taking. Some kind of assurance that i can track it down would be really nice.
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    It would need to be disassembled before it could be removed from your house. I wonder if something could be installed that would trigger an alarm, or send you an alert if someone started to disassemble it? That would give you time to call the police and probably catch them in the act. And you're right, it's scarcity will make it quite valuable until supply catches up with demand, so perhaps don't advertise that you have it too much.
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