VR versions of Fallout 4 and Doom announced at E3 (for the HTC Vive)

Fallout 4 and Doom VR announced

This is really good news. They are making VR versions of Doom and Fallout 4 with motion controller support. I do wonder how they are going to counter motion sickness, and if they will keep motion platforms such as the Omni in mind. I really hope they don't butcher the gameplay to tailor it to roomspace play. Even if they release these VR versions without Omni support in mind, the added rendering paths and motion controller support should help the modding community. One day we may just be able to play these games with full Omni support.

Better yet, someone at Virtuix gets the Omni SDK to Bethesda and we have full support to boot. I can dream can't I? :smiley:

Battling demon hordes in VR with decoupled aiming and body orientation would be incredible.


  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Better yet, someone at Virtuix gets the Omni SDK to Bethesda and we have full support to boot. I can dream can't I? :smiley:
    I think this should be top priority for Virtuix. It would be a HUGE boon for them to get the first AAA game that gets VR support to also fully support the Omni.
  • This pisses me off. As an Oculus owner, if this doesn't make it to the Oculus, Bethesda can piss off. There is no need to make a 3rd party game an exclusive. Period.
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    @gleaminsands I totally understand your frustration dude. I didn't hear confirmation it was exclusive though. Maybe it's just dependent on the Touch?
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  • @sutekiB I overreacted. I'm a passionate guy. Oculus can actually currently be used for every Steam VR game out there save for the HTC controllers, so it's probably not going to be an exclusive. We just haven't seen how close the systems are yet because nobody has the touch controllers.
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    That's a bit hypocritical @gleamingsands no? Are you pissed off at all of the exclusives that Oculus is pushing out for no reason other than to try to strong arm people into buying the Rift? Also they never said "exclusive" all they said is that it was being made for the Vive. My money is on them supporting the Rift once Touch is released, It would make the most sense for them from a financial point of view. Lastly If they develop the game with SteamVR, which I am sure they will, It will automatically work with the Rift even if they don't official support it as Valve has a built in abstraction layer that allows the Rift to be used with any game build for SteamVR.
  • Very. I think that Oculus should be an open market and that VR should try to eschew the multiplatform competition of yesteryear in favor of a more unilateral approach to quality. These machines are too expensive for people to buy multiple iterations of what is essentially the same device. It's like the ps4 v.s. the Xbox One. They're the same damn thing with different plastic covers and graphics. I don't think any Oculus users are happy with the closed system. HOWEVER, I think a company has a right to closed system games when it comes to their own titles. 3rd parties on the other hand have a duty to cross platform as much as possible.
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    My head hurts from watching all the press conferences and reading all the headlines but my favorite is F4 vr; coming withing 12 months.
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