E3 2016 VR News. The medium's success assured?

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Wow, it's really happening! Since we first became excited for VR, I'm sure many of us on this forum have been wondering, 'when will AAA developers begin to make VR content and bring their franchises over to the medium?', for as much as we might hope the industry could sustain itself on the content put out by indie studios, this would seem a more secure guarantor of its long term survival. This question has been dogged by the persistent doubts of some that the first person exploration genre could ever be made to work in VR (clearly they hadn't heard of the Omni). Well, it seems that day has come. With 2016's E3, we at last have confirmation that some of the biggest gaming franchises will be playable in VR. These aren't limited to third-person or 'stand-in-place' titles designed to dodge sim-sickness, these are games that are fully playable in first-person, with exploration:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - http://www.roadtovr.com/resident-evil-7-will-be-playable-to-the-end-with-playstation-vr-first-trailer-here/
Fallout 4 - http://www.roadtovr.com/bethesda-virtual-reality-e3-2016-fallout-4-doom-vr-htc-vive/
Robinson the Journey - http://www.roadtovr.com/crytek-release-robinson-e3-trailer-for-playstation-vr/

We also have tentative 'VR experiences' coming for other major titles:
Final Fantasy XV - http://www.roadtovr.com/final-fantasy-xv-15-trailer-released-vr-experience-coming-to-psvr-in-september/

Sure, you may see these and other AAA games using teleport mechanics, but don't worry about these games not being playable with the Omni. What would you expect right now, when these companies don't have Omnis to develop for or demo with? The fact that they are going ahead anyway in spite of this shows their level of enthusiasm and commitment. How much greater will that enthusiasm and commitment be when they DO have Omnis to develop for and demo with, allowing the content to work so much better? They will surely have them before these games release. There will be Omnis in people's homes. People playing these games with the Omni, i.e. in a way that transcends non-VR gaming (instead of being compromised by reliance on comfort modes and teleport / on-rails mechanics), dispelling any doubts people still have. Once that happens, it's game over - VR wins. The parallels that some have tried to draw between VR and 3D TV based on concerns over ease of use simply don't apply. The delta between 3D and 2D TV is minuscule compared to the delta between VR gaming and non-VR gaming.

I don't see these recent announcements as something for the indie-developer community to worry about, though I would be interested to hear your thoughts. On the contrary, these offerings will stimulate demand and increase uptake of the hardware, whilst still leaving a vacuum in available content - it takes time to make AAA content and this will be a golden opportunity for indies. Also, the processing demands of VR combined with the value that can be obtained by focusing on atmosphere, mean that you don't need to produce expensive art assets for people to want to consume your content.

So yes, I think we can now safely say that VR will succeed. The big decisions have been made. Checks have been cashed, and the content is coming. There will be home users who have the equipment they need to show the content working. This is bigger than Facebook's acquisition of Oculus. This is the ultimate vote of confidence. Although, it's not these announcements that gave me complete confidence in VR's future. That came a few days ago was when I first played Minecraft with the Omni, and realized I could play it 'tri-decoupled' (independent hand, head, and body tracking). Yes the software is a mod, yes the decoupling is a hack that restricts the use of one controller while I move, but it doesn't matter. It's one of the most compelling games of our time, and this VR mod takes it to another level. How could the rest of the world vote against VR with their wallets, while I'm doing this?


It couldn't happen in our society; we place too high a value on entertainment, are too aspirational and too competitive, and this just leaves non-VR equivalents in the dust. VR won't fail this time because we're not in the 90s anymore Toto. As MC Hammer once said, you can't touch this.

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    It's just a matter of time. Developers are waiting for the vr install base to grow--and in the case of Oculus Touch and PS VR/PS Neo the release of the hardware. Every major press conference (i didn't watch Nintendo's proprietary thing) had vr in their show. This is great because, I hate to say it, small indie games are not enough to push vr to a wide enough audience. PC vr needs console vr because that's where the the mass audience is and AAA developers will create their games and port it over to pc vr. PC vr on the other hand will continue to push the technological limits of vr and that will eventually trickle down to consoles in terms of features or hardware revision. It's a beautiful symbiotic win-win situation for the advancement of vr. I just hope Virtuix sent an Omni to Bethesda...
  • So excited for officially supported Fallout 4 VR!
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