Steam Summer Sale, includes VR Games!!

I'm sure you all know Steam's summer sale is going on, but I thought I'd make it official by declaring it on the Virtuix forums ;)

Here's a link to the VR games included in the sale:,102

Let me know what you ended up buying!


  • KijutsuKijutsu Posts: 85
    The vanishing of Ethan Carter VR and Nobunaga (non VR) and The last remnant (not VR) from Steam

    Titan of Space, Blazerush and VR Kart from Oculus.

    My money...
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    edited June 2016
    I bought Either Carter VR as well as Vanishing Realms. Far Cry 4, GTA V, Bio-shock infinite, Alien Isolation, as well as Black Mesa, O and Banished, which is surprisingly good.

    and i now have zero of the muunies :(
  • THET1KTHET1K Posts: 17
    edited June 2016
    I purchased the Amnesia collection, Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower, The Old City: Leviathan, and Miasmata for a grand total of $20. I also purchased Deadfall Adventures recently for like $4 since it was on sale. So much bang for my buck right there in terms of VR gaming. Playing Outlast in VR was probably the worst great idea I ever had though :scream:.
  • SiaGarciaSiaGarcia Posts: 3
    I also want to buyone of this interesting VR game, still do not know whcih to choose.
  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
    I was hoping Virtual Desktop would go on sale, but I knew that would have been too good to be true. I hate paying full price, but that's pretty much an essential.
  • I've been picking up all the VR games on both the Oculus Store and Steam. Buyer beware, I've discovered that many Oculus VR titles can be purchased outside the Oculus store for cheaper. I got burned on Project Cars as it turns out. Oculus really needs to get their game together, or else its going to look like Gamecube v.s. PS2, ie a few good exclusives but otherwise no contest.
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