Have not used my Vive in over a week.

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Don't get me wrong VR is awesome, and I am still supper exited that it is finally something that exists and does not suck.

My problem is that right when I am completely immersed am reminded in short order that I only have a 5mX5m area that I can walk around in. There right now three types of games.
  1. Fixed points: Like the The Brookhaven experiment. Basically a rail shooter. I am not sure why but these get very boring for me.
  2. Teleportation: These just bother the **** out of me. Vanishing Realms is a fantastic game but I still have yet to finish it. I just cant seem to get past the teleportation mechanic. Not only does it kill my immersion but i find myself speed-blinking through areas and not appreciating there awesomeness that is the game. Though i will say that Budget cuts is an exeption to this as the teleport mechanic is built into the lore of the game which seems to work for me.
  3. **** you deal with it, games(traditional game movement): Such as Windlands or basically any none-VR game using VorpX. I(thankfully) have to do some pretty crazy movements to get sim-sick so I think I like this the best. However, even-though i don't get sick it still does not feel quite right.
I did not really have a point to this, well i guess accept for the fact that i want my Omni :p . Though I think it was mainly because i am board at work while i wait for some scripts to run.


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    I have found very fun, very addictive games in VR. They medium is full of potential. Edge of Nowhere, having beaten it, was INCREDIBLE. EVE Valkyrie is INCREDIBLE. Lucky's Tale is... okay. I agree with you in a lot of ways, I probably only use my VIVE once or twice a week, but when I use it I use it to record awesome VR footage. Its hard to want to play only VR games when we've yet to see a TRULY killer app. To be honest, using VR all the time instead of a TV screen would be like not listening to Radio because you have a TV, or not reading books because we have movies, however sketchy those analogies may be. I enjoy my Oculus, but it needs the good games. I need more good games, addictive, Mario Party games.
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    I found games Lucky's Tale to be... neat at best. In the end its a platformer. I do like platformers but what does VR actually add to games like Lucky's Tale? Does VR make Lucky's Tale a better game in any way? I don't think so. They just made a good platformer and then tacked on VR. (As a side not I find hilarious that the big first party game released with the RIft is a traditional platformer in VR after Palmer spent years everyone that traditional games just don't work in VR.) I have not played Edge of Nowhere but have heard good things about it. However again what does VR actually add to the game? Would I be missing out if it where a traditional 2D game?

    Also I am not saying I have stopped playing none-VR games, I agree that just because VR is now a thing does not mean that none-VR games are now dead. . I am currently playing Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak and loving it. Awesome game.
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    I love RPGs and strategy games, VR is kindda low on on those genre so far, too bad for me. Would love an MMORPG.

    Early adapter so I guess it's normal.
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    Same here, actually, though I plugged it in tonight and spent a couple of hours using it, mostly in Zombie Training Simulator.

    Since I got the Rift, the Vive just feels incredibly clunky, and SteamVR a Steaming mass of bugs (tonight I had to reboot the machine to get it to work at all, then I had to restart it after every game because the controllers were no longer working properiy). If the Rift had motion controllers, I'd probably have sold the Vive when it arrived.
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    You see allot of bugs with SteamVR @edmg? I have only seen one or two issues right when the Vive was released and they where quickly fixed. Are you sure your on the latest firmware for everything?
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    A week? Pffft... My Rift's been sitting on my table, directly in my line of sight because the table's between my tv, for about a month--never used! Why? My 480 (Nvidia) won't work with the Rift and I'm waiting for the 1080 hybrid. Obviously, I'm a patient guy o:) Hang in there, AAA games are incoming--Fallout 4 (hopefully, Omni-compatible) , Batman, Star Trek, hopefully RE7,etc..

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    @ edmg Whenever things start to glitch out with my Vive I just unplug the link box for a few seconds, plug it back in, and reboot my machine. That has only happened about five times though, and I have approximately 100 hours of time put into my Vive. I have also had to rerun the room setup twice, but I think that was a result of me changing my room space environment.

    @ xxann5 I found a pretty good active vr placeholder for the Omni while I wait for it. Look up the Cyber ExerCycle game controller. I would not recommend it over the Omni for many reasons, but it is a nice placeholder. I use it in conjunction with VorpX, a Steam controller, and a Loctek U2 stationary bike, and have had some pretty fantastic experiences. The negatives are that I have to use the Steam controller to pan beyond the 180 degree spectrum my head can rotate in. I can pedal forward or backward for in-game movement though. I also use the Steam controller for strafing, jumping, and crouching. My current setup is definitely not as good as the Omni setup, but it will get me by while I am waiting. It's so fun to tinker with VR.

    My hope is that this post inspires others to tinker more with vr, as I really don't want to see people get bored with their HMD's before they've really had their time to shine with additional hardware like the Omni.
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    Damn @Sponge101 you are WAY more patient that i am. and yes! Fallout 4 will full Omni support should be a thing. Though even if its not modding it in should be fairly simple, at least i would hope
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    @xxann5. I modded the crap out of New Vegas--everything from flying vertibird airstrike to it being my personal air transportation. I haven't looked at the Fallout 4 mod community yet but Bethesda games have the most mode support I've ever seen. If anyone's going to make Fallout 4 Omni compatible, it's going to be them :)
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    "You see allot of bugs with SteamVR @edmg?"

    The big two, aside from randomly claiming not to see one or both controllers when I start SteamVR, or claiming that I need a firmware update when I've just installed the latest update, are just not starting up, so I get the environment but no Steam window to interact with, and going bat-crap crazy on exiting a game, because it decides that, since I have a steering wheel connected, I clearly must want to use it to control the SteamVR interface rather than the Vive controllers

    Oh, and then there's randomly taking down the whole of Steam when I shut down SteamVR. And losing all my room setup settings if the Vive software crashes my PC.

    Oculus Home may not have the same range of games and apps, but, so far, it just works.
  • xxann5xxann5 Posts: 593
    Sorry to hear that @edmg, that sucks. I have never really had to many issues with Steam or SteamVR. I think the biggest one was the SteamVR window not showing up in VR but that was fixed with a patch a few weeks after the Vive was released.

    My general solution for fixing windows and windows applications related issues is to wipe the PC clean format all the drives and reinstall everything from scratch. I just don't have the patience to deal with the shityness of windows.
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