Profit drops with Vive, Rifts & Omnis -Arcades

I posted this under the HTC Vive thread but I think this deserves more attention. There is porous foam cushion around the Rift and Vive. We have to think of the Omni and Head gear like gym equipment -certain areas need to be wiped down. People will get discouraged to use the equipment if the foam lining around the Vive mask isn't able to be cleaned.

Omni Team please contact the HTC CEOs about creating a special non porous foam liner or maybe the Omni Team can produce their own third party solution. There will be people with skin conditions, maybe "special odors" that want to use the equipment whether they are visible or not and other people that know this -in a manner of speaking wont want to wear the same clothes.

I typically envision the good and bad when pursuing a goal and this issue still remains unresolved.


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