Foam Cushion around Vive mask -Mainly for Arcades - water resistant- washable or wipeable

AscensiAscensi Posts: 119
Foam Cushion around Vive mask -needs to be water resistant to be washable or wipeable. Maybe Virtuix Omni team can create a third party solution for this problem or contact the HTC CEOs. This will be a headache for Arcades if there is no solution. I have a couple ideas to coat the foam I've got to make it cleanable but it may no longer look professional.

People wont want to share a Vive with someone else that looks like they have a skin condition unless it can be cleaned. So Virtuix this means a profit drop for Arcades. We have to think of the Vive and the Virtuix Omni like gym equipment -parts must be wiped down after.


  • GreyAcumenGreyAcumen Posts: 307
    This idea has already been implemented by
    There's not really any reason for Virtuix to jump into this themselves, since there isn't really anything they could offer over the current available options, and the people looking for covers aren't exclusive to Omni users and Omni users aren't all going to be bothered enough to want the cover.
  • AscensiAscensi Posts: 119
    Just an update: Upon talking with HTC about their commercial license and hygiene concerns with the current foam lining they are making their own implementation for Active VR.
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