Custom Oculus Rift Face Cover

Yes....I know about . There currently is no water proof face cover. That's ok, DO IT YOURSELF! DIY


  • Very cool. It'd be great if you could list the steps.
  • STEP 1 - Acquire material that is very thin and water proof. I went to a thrift store and bought a jacket for like $15.
    2) Measure the dimensions on the cut fabric. Cut it out.
    3) Glue the fabric onto the front using flexible that will not harder. DO NOT USE SUPER GLUE OR ANYTHING THAT WILL HARDED. I ALL READY TRIED A LITTLE AREA.
    4) After fold the sides while applying the glue. Then start doing the back.
    5) Don't allow the back to over lap because it will become to thick when where it. You'll have to use painters tape to keep the fabric down. When going around you'll have to make small cuts.

    Well, I hope my instructions are clear enough with the pictures.
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